At The End Of The Day


(OOG: By William Mullally)

It would forever be known as the Year of the Dark Star but that doesn’t mean stars of our own didn’t rise in those days.

After the Bartender had returned the heroes to the lands of Icenia or wherever else they chose to go, Queen Regent Hayden Romwing immediately sent out scouts to assess the status of the Kingdom. It wasn’t long after that though that whatever Earth Circles that were still intact started being flooded with spirits waiting for resurrection. Sir Lanarus and those readily available from the Shield of the Archives were immediately given orders to organize resources to be sent to every circle still active so that it could operate at peak efficiency. The Order of the Gryphon was sent out to access any other attacks that might have happened, more specifically to check on reports coming out of Elindel. After all this was set in motion the Queen called in the Regents of the old Baronies and the Counsel that had arisen in Nordenn. When they came out messengers were sent to Gather certain essential items and people were ordered to come brought to Fairedale to immediately prepare for the official Coronation of Acting Regent Hayden Romwing.

Many were worried about needing to leave immediately, some had already gone, but

through the Watchstones a small bubble had been created for a small amount of time so people could properly do their farewells and to see Hayden take the throne. Quickly through the help of some of the adventurers and resources which were able to arrive quick enough the town was taking on a more festive look.

Many who were defending the realm in Elindel made their way to Fairedale as quickly as possible. The Legion had arrived and a contingent of the forces of Imladar led by Prince Githalion. A small meeting was had in which some say they heard raised voices and Prince Githalion left stating that he must quickly get back to Imladar immediately and vanished through magics.

The day finally came thou and in the center of Fairedale a stand was raised with Icenian Banners surrounding it, was where the Coronation took place. On the Dias Stood the 3 High Lords of the Orders of Foundation, Magister, and Archive. Hayden herself had yet to relinquish her title in the Order of the Gryphon so she had Sir Jonothan Dragonheart represent the order on the stand. Each member of the order spoke their words of approval to take up the crown and each swore their fealty to her in turn. At the end of all their oaths Regent Marcusgrimm Anvilstrike Brought forth the crown which he had reforged and modified for the new reign which was about to come to Icenia. As each member of the orders placed their hand upon the crown and raised it above her head a vibration was felt by all as four crystals circled above her head and the crown was placed upon her brow. A collective chant of Huzzah repeated for minutes on end until Hayden raised her hand for silence.

“Citizens, Friends, Heroes of not just Icenia but to the world as we know it here and through the mists, we stand here today through your valiant efforts the victors against what would have seemed to be an impossible foe. You have stood here and faced something that had taken countless worlds before coming to ours. It is you who stood here and said, not this world, not this day, and not for many more days, years, millenia to come. You adventurers, soldiers, & nobles alike who stood here today will forever be known here in Icenia as the Heroes of Starfall. We know this has come through great sacrifice, a sacrifice which means Icenia may not be able to join you in the outer world through the mists for quite some time but hopefully at some point we shall and once that happens you will always find friendship, warmth, and a home here.

I’m sure those of you who are about to depart our lands will continue to prove to be great heroes in other lands. We wish you the best in continuing to show your heroism in the lands you will now travel to. Remember to be brave in the face of danger, remember to keep each other safe, remember to be kind to those lesser than you, and remember to bring up those who would follow in your footsteps. Icenia was built upon generations of heroism and we feel that you who fought with us this past year exemplify this. I caution you though, be wary, be ever vigilant not just for the enemies without but the enemies within. Guard your own hearts and minds as well as those around you, for surely this is not the end of trying time for many of you who will leave. Keep the words, the codes, the stories from many lands that inspire us close to your heart because as of these past few days you are now part of those stories.

I … We… I’m going to have to get used to that...shall miss each and every one of you who leave and I hope you keep us in your hearts as we will you.”

She stood there for a moment scanning the crowd, looking toward everyone who attended the ceremony. The nobility who traveled here from far away lands, the thinkers who puzzled out the pieces, the great teams of adventurers who came Icenia, those that started as humble farmers who became the bravest of heroes, and those who lived and dwelled here and said no, not our lands. Hayden stood there and tried to commit as many faces to memory as she felt she would never see many of them again.

“Some final orders of Business needs to be attended to today. I would like the Regents of the lands of Ashbury to come forward.”

Up before the newly minted Queen stood Sir Grimm, Sir Red, Sir Cyno and those who had recently started to be called the Nordenn Collective.

“By my decree and the power and choices of the Watchstones I here by reinstate the territorial areas of Ashbury as Baronies. Hence forth those that rule those territories are given the rank of Knight Commander in their respective Orders and those who have been chosen by their guardians may use the honorific of Baron to those territories. The exception being Nordenn who has chosen to be lead by Council. It is interesting that the Watchstone has accepted this idea and we hereby decree that any decision made in agreement by said council carries the weight equal to the Barons on Ashbury. I would now accept your oathes of fealty.”

Each person one by one knelt before the Queen and gave their oaths each splendidly swearing their devotion to the lands in their own way and each one as they were done went to one side or other of the Queen.

“With that done I have only one last order of business to attend to. I have a vacancy left with my ascension to the Crown. I hereby name Sir Jonothan to lead the Order of The Gryphon.”

His face went pale white with the words and a pair of hands, Baron Grimm and Baroness Readella, pushed him forward before the Queen. He turned to them annoyed but they only returned mischievous grins.

“Your Majesty,” He said, “I had plans to retire, to go back to Dragonheart….he smiled for a moment with a thought. “Maybe even take up farming.”

Queen Hayden suppressed a snerk.

“ I think not Jonothan, not if I have a say in it. You have been my right hand when I was Head of the Order and I cannot think of someone better.” She put her hand on his shoulder and directed him to the other Heads of the Orders.

“Friends….Family, the time for pomp and circumstance is over. I believe there is a hobling here that has prepared quite a bit of feast for us.” Queen Hayden shrugged off the ceremonial robe into the hands of an awaiting attendant and strood off the stage. “Now is the time for us to be merry together. Someone get me a drink!”


And It was thus that this Chapter of Ashbury was closed and that many of those characters that made this story what it was, would go out and write new chapters and make stories of their own.
For those of you who left before the Coronation sequence. If you so wish to place in your characters stories. As you go through the mists you will be able to bear witness to the events but not (for future plot purposes) consider your character interacting in that scene. Please enjoy.

Stay safe, stay healthy, go continue your stories.

William Mullally
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