attention adventurers!


NEPA Staff
Oog: Found in Taverns throughout lands in the various mists. (Obv. Not within the Cairn)

Hello and Merry Meet Fellow Adventurers of the Mists:

My name is Archibald Wolfgang Octavious Lopinger the 5th, a cheese monger and charcuterie by trade, but a dabbler in history and adventure whenever I can manage it. Recently during my excursions I was finally able to unearth an artifact that I have been searching for most of my life. I have finally discovered a portal that will give me the opportunity to travel to a world that has been lost . I am looking for able bodied people to join me in a wonderful bout of exploration! While I cannot promise you much, if anything, in terms of pay I can promise you that you will be well provisioned, taken care of, and make a name for yourself in the annals of adventuring history.
The lands I have rediscovered are called Kenaikan and from books and stories passed down generation to generation in my family, it was once a world of amazing magic. Stories abound of great crystalline mechanisms that did a great many wondrous things. There were ships that sailed the sky and cities that just floated in midair and had never touched the ground since their construction. Constructs were built to serve your every need and performed their tasks dutifully to their creators delight. Riches and finery are there that would make the best dressed nobles throughout the mists feel meager in their attire.There is a Collegium, a vast library filled with such knowledge, so much lore, that it would take combined schools of professors to go through and catalog their finds. New flora probably cover the lands and fauna, not seen in ages, roam freely that you could categorize and record. Also for those who just wish to make a name for themselves I'm sure there will be many dangers to be overcome and have your bravery recorded in history!
If you wish to join me on my excursion I have begun collecting supplies on the Lost Island, a land inside a small pocket of the mist just outside what we call Icenia. I believe travelling to it might still be possible for a short time as it is not really a part of those lands and seems to be removed from time so it might slip the actual lock being put in place. Some of you have been there recently and I assure I have been able to make the lands just around the gate safe for you to travel there.
So anyone who wishes to feel their blood pump through their veins, unearth ancient wonders, and knowledge, and see things no one in the mists have lied eyes on in millenia come find my expedition on the Lost Island and let us march forward into the annals of history.

May good fortune find you every day!

Archibald Wolfgang Octavious Lopinger The 5th