Attention new players!

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Welcome to the Alliance!

We suspect you've found this website because you've done some roleplaying games, but are new to the whole "live-action roleplay" bit. The first thing you should figure out is what LARP is right for you, both in terms of genre and play style. The Alliance LARP (us), for instance, is a medieval(ish) fantasy LARP that uses padded weapons and small bean bags to deliver weapon blows and magical effects, and running around in the woods, often in the dark. Our events are typically Friday night through Sunday afternoon, and players are more or less expected to remain in-character for the entire time, even when sleeping. If none of that sounds appealing (maybe you prefer sci-fi, or don't cotton to actually striking people with padded weapons), this one likely isn't for you (though there are other LARPs that might suit you better). If, on the other hand, that sort of thing sounds right up your alley, then your imagination has definitely found a home.

The first thing anyone looking to play should do is get a Rule Book. It has a good introduction to what a game might be like, tips on costuming and designing your character, as well as the nuts and bolts of how to play. And it's FREE to download or read on line:

Once you've given that a look, check out your local chapter's out-of-game board here and introduce yourself. The staff and players of that game can give you details more specific to your area, both out-of-game (where they play, directions, their event/game day/practice schedules) and in-game (what is the name of the land that they play in, who's who, what kind of baddies to be on the look out for, etc.).

After all that, feel free to ask questions here. We're always happy to answer them.

However, many times in these threads you will find people answering your question with "The Rule Book covers this completely."

Basic questions such as "How do you represent spells?" or "What is one of your events like?" we are more than happy to answer. However, if you already understand the basics of our game and are simply asking for more details ("What is the spell list? Which skills can I purchase for my character? How do I role-play an elf?"), please realize that people may say "Well, please read the book." Understand that sometimes people will get tired of answering the same old questions when the answers can easily be found in the Rule Book.

Thank you! And welcome once again!
Not open for further replies.