Aug-into-Sept Event Favorites!

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
Thanks to everyone for all the excellent times this event! I had a blast helping out as an auxiliary plot guy, and even if I wasn't necessarily able to follow up on every plot thread like the real plot folks might have, I hope I was still able to provide a bit of fun! Here are a few of my favorites from this event, in no order:

- Chats with Morgin the Taxidermist, especially with the collective groan of "NOPE" when I finally mention Spider Island.
"I know you want the best materials, but are there no options for a substitute to the drider silk?"
"I mean, you can technically stab someone with a spoon, but if you don't want a mess..."
"Ugh, fine, we'll get you drider silk..."

- “All the moisture.”

- PCs absolutely rocked communications with Puddles this time around! Migs immediately deducing I had electric eels in my pond after two extremely vague hand gestures was frankly astounding.

- The Undead Siege Golem costume prop was awesome! Great work, Brad!

- PC reactions to the Eye of Fear and Flame’s mass scare tactic, ranging from Jehan giving up, to Nyio's confusion by Pebbles being both dead and standing next to him, to the Gryphon Guard hilariously swarming their beloved Victor, and more.

- The final stand of the Eye of Fear and Flame against Desylvia and his Resists: “I just stopped like two and half thousand damage worth of flame!”

- Chris, as someone I'd never met before, telling me how I was doing a great job and how much he wanted to be coming back to the chapter in future. Way cool, man!

- While I unfortunately got to do very little with them this game by sheer happenstance, the Gryphon Guard was looking fantastic in the new hoods. Love 'em!

- Vanya's new armor looks incredible! Seriously great work, and inspires me to do more armor work.

- This may be a weird favorite, but it was awesome that we had like 5 highly-qualified Medical Marshalls on site. I'm a guy that overexerts himself on a sadly regular basis, and while I didn't have any issues this event besides some sudden leg cramps, it was extremely comforting to me to have such a solid group of folks on site that I could totally trust to deal with any more serious medical problems that could arise. I thank all of you so much for all the help you bring to our game!

- Late-night chats between the Aviary and the School, two disasters waiting to coincide.

- Lunch was perhaps the best food I have ever had at an event. Oh my goodness, guys. I am still smiling from that sandwich.

- Bri is the best and made me cupcakes. :)

And no doubt more that I'm forgetting. See y'all again soon enough!
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"Light storm" who ever would think having 30 light spells for one night would be so much fun :) (10 of them consecutively)

The prop monsters this weekend were amazing! the Flesh Golem and the eye monster

The swirling mist zombie mod.

"Miggs I'm going to heal him hit him for 1" - Miggs hits Grimshaw "2 magic" Foss - "Miggs thats to hard, I said one, now first aid him"

the Death Chester, even if it was the first time in 20+ years that I have sat down at a chess board.


What an event! I felt like i got to reach out to some people that I dont normally interact with, which was awesome. Plus a shout out to all the folks who traveled for this event, love seeing your faces and you really contribute to our game as a whole. On top of that a huge shout out to plot, guest plot, and npcs who keep this game going. I had a lot of mixed feelings coming into this event, the kitchen is a tiring place to be and can feel pretty unrewarding at times. This event however helped to make it feel worth all the effort. We had tons of compliments, tips, and overall positive feedback. Thank you all for keeping us going. Without further ado, my favorites:

-Vampire-weres, this had to be a fetish wish, right?
- joven invograting Iggys hair.
- Alex wanting food in trade for a ritual scroll
- Being part of another ritual to fix the nullmagic zones, man i love working with the griffin guard and Asura
- that being said, seeing the griffin guards faces when checking the basement of the tower for the stone elf children
- late night throne checking with Sam. Iggy has offically visited three of the royal throne rooms of the continent while covered in muck and mud.
- All things with interacting with finch and/or phanic, seriously awesome to have to catch you guys up on what is going on in wayside.
- Atuning the agies of under defiance, gotta love some puzzles and riddles. Phanics reaction to being dragged into helping was also quite enjoyable.
- Parrying the Shadow walk strike to show up and blow my entire card on beating down rob on the otherside then coming back to share my victory was an awesome feeling.

I'm sure i will remeber more as other post. Thanks again all for make the drive totally worth it.


Ig: Ignathis Nachtfeuer
Oog: Ethan Rath


ah yes the once a year event where Alex trolls his friends, and also plays some pretty cool NPCs

The return of Camille Bordeaux.
Iggy - "sir, it is Friday night, we only serve food tomorrow, you could come back then"
Me -"But I am hungry now"
Iggy - *says under his breath* Alex you bastard... *goes to make me some food*

Playing Josuke the Dark Elf master bowman
- Throwing some japanese at Isabo, I figured you'd appreciate it
- holding an archery contest!
- internally becoming increasingly worried nobody would hit the target, and expressing disappointment at the other dark elf's failures やれやれだぜ...
- and the rp with Shen, the winner

Being random Stone elf caster crunchy from a year ago that fell in love with Sam when Sam invited him out for a drink in the middle of the battle
- trying to convince Sam to leave his wife
- silencing miggs
- apparently Ragnarok's *** is better than mine
- just in general the RP with Sam and others while playing that character

I wasn't around for the whole event, but the times I was was a lot of fun.
also killing your friends is fun!


This is a bit late (sorry been traveling to events every weekend for the last month or so)

Great moments for me included
Everything Shinny and Pebbles (you guys are awesome)
Sitting in a circle during the undead golem fight, waiting to see if I am about to be trapped here with a berserk celestial caster (sorry I am terrible with names and can not remember yours)
Saturday night shadows. Standing in a circle yelling "Don't let your friends die, bring them to me"
and generally being the town healer, it has been a long time since I have traveled anywhere that needed my services so much and it was a lot of fun.

I had a wonderful time visiting your chapter and absolutely plan on returning again. Its a bit of a drive for me so not sure how often I will be able to make it but I will make it.