August 17 favored moments!


Hello everyone! Once again asking for your favorite moments! Let us know what you enjoyed and how it went down if you're able to share. ^_^
Hey everyone! Player of Kaia Ravenheart here to say thanks for another great event. As always there were too many fun moments to list, but here are some highlights:
  • Resurrecting for the first time, resulting in a little backstory coming out and an extremely tense mission after the fact to retrieve Kaia’s necklace from the spot where she died.

  • Proving why Kaia holds the title of Boop Champion of Phoenix.

  • Using probably bad tactics to surprisingly good effect.

  • Having awful timing returning from a mod after the eclipse was already under way, resulting in people having to come out of the tavern to save us.

  • Leading a group for the first time. As an added bonus, we managed to actually get what we came for as well as a mystery book.

  • Almost reaching the point of needing to resurrect a second time after the greater vampire raided the cabin.
Hi! Sandro here, from the Kansas Chapter. I had so much fun at this event that it's really, really difficult to pick a few of my favorites, but here goes!

- FIRST IMPRESSIONS. Especially with Peat Moss, who saved Sandro within the first hour of Lay On.

- Sandro getting his face eaten.
- Listening to Sleet getting her fingers eaten.
- Getting yelled at by Elis because Sandro is bad at remembering things and falsely accused her if a thing.
- Sandro Being promoted from Triage to FRONT LINE FIGHTER. .... Despite his lack of a weapon!
- Saving Peat during the eclipse.
- realising it's called a "Thiccet" because of Peat's thighs.
-WHOEVER USED HIS SHEILD TO BLOCK THAT ARCSNE ENTANGLE DURING THE CORRUPTED GLADE FIGHT. That thing was so high up and they just ate it and turned to the guy next to him and said "yo wanna free me?"
- everything about Sleet and Copper. Their characters where so rad, it was so hard for me to fathom it was their first LARP.

I know there's more I'm missing... But seriously. I had a blast. So bummed I couldn't complete on the final event.
First, thank you all for being so amazing and welcoming. I appreciate all of your help both in and out of game.

-I enjoyed rotating shifts during the castle raid because then I could truly witness some amazing moments such as Knox going to bat against NPC Aneira's spells and Baron Darius shouting "I see you mage, come at me bro!"

-Getting to stay the line during the eclipse, which is mostly in part to LaGuarde and Emaric's training. Also, that was an amazing strategy in place! Well done!

-The hook for the Forest Watch plot. Man what a way to start a story!

-Kipp and Sandro, you guys were amazing to adventure with. The mod with the troll was hilarious and fun thanks to you two! I look forward to hearing more tales!

-The taunting of the vampire was really good, seriously well done!

-Honestly, witnessing how everyone just works together so well and I am floored by the fighting skills of the players!
Had a great time.
A great big Thanks to the NPCs that did our Merman fay mod. Lol Moria never thought she would have so much fun fingering ashes of dead Kings. So Glad you put up with us being on the mod for so long.
My little Sarr had her beat game ever, she said. Thank you to all who taught her how to build and fix her traps. She also enjoyed interacting with all of you at the battles.
A big shout out to our battle companions Snow and Alwaya( i know i spelled it wrong) female elf. Lol. Like ways had fun RPing with you two.
Great to interact with all the new people I met in the tavern Saturday night. Hope to see you back. Also to talk to your NCP character played by siren. Always enjoy RP with you.
And of course I can't forget the best blacksmith ever to fix up my armor. Men you know you got rhythm. Lol
Also I want my middle finger back from the undead, that came across me just lying and looking at the stars. The new finger is just not the same. 2 gold is still out there if I get it back.
Thanks to all, for your hard work. My girls and Ray and I had a great time. Can't wait to come back again
Top four moments from this weekend:
- Screaming like a banshee while resurrecting
- Biata/vulcan Mind-meld thingy with Jax
- casting my first spells ever. EVER. fek yes! It was all minor stuff, but being given a scroll for an eldritch wall and told to cast it if things go sideways freaking made my day on Saturday!
- "Do you think I like hiding my beard?!" Thank you Moria/Fodder. <3

Quick shout out to the undead who came to my door Friday night, kudos for not tripping on those stairs or on the doorway. I did that a few times.
  • Rp with my besties. Not having to sit in the “too nice” corner this time.
  • Little sis. She is the awesomest. I guess Kendrick can make good choices occasionally. And I fully intend to scourge every undead from the face of Fortannis until her dagger is found.
  • Quentin’s Merman. He was so cool and just totally sold it.
  • Kasuni has the kai. She definitely has ancestors from the Golden City.
  • Sparring with Tevas, Noah, and…. Ian, I guess? What assholes. They kept hitting me.
  • Sparring with..... TAYLOR. It was so fun. He is such a blast to fight. So... spry!
  • Trollette fighting school. Such a little thing, but a real highlight. I want them to keep coming back for classes until they can roll the town.
  • Derek Reed. One day he’s going to not be at game and it’s going to be like the sun forgot to come up.
  • Ember’s archery magic storm. It was just relentless. I’m pretty sure we fought Jesse for 30 straight minutes during that damn Eclipse.
  • What is Leave it to Beaver without Hugh Beaumont? Exciting, vulnerable, scary and really fun.
  • Gillian. Cause it’s Gillian, duh. And..... *cough, cough*. Stupid stump.
  • I really enjoy Peat’s disapproval. Not entirely sure why…. I appreciate it on almost an artistic level. Not so much a favorite moment because it is ubiquitous. Like a disapproval blanket.
  • "So THAT's what Peat put on my face!"
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Really really fun game! I am very appreciative that I got to play with the golem for an event, and sad (but understanding) to see it go.
  • Fighting Ian's vampire! Such snark, really really good roleplay and combat from him. Definitely the highlight of my event!
  • The moment that I remember chaos storm doesn't hurt me! Getting to bat down the chaos storms from above.
  • Coming back late from the life grove, halfway into the eclipse, and trying to find our way in! While walking back we get spotted by Josh and Quentin who gave us a really good run for our money. Getting split with everyone, and having to dispel a wall of force to let myself in.
  • Getting to spar with people! Very fun, and very different than normal.
  • Izzy's cooking! Always amazing, SO filling, it's the perfect LARP food :)
  • Sandro and Kip! Really two amazing people that are very very fun to game with! Glad to see them come out from Kansas, and I hope they come to visit more! <3
  • Pissing off the vampire by trying to grab him, and being scared for the rest of the game until I hear he got stake of WOE'd. The fear of an Ian NPC is strong.
  • So many times I got inches from losing the golem! A 4x dragon's breath dropping me from 160 to 10 body, and immediately nope-ing right out. Josh's void elemental that climbed the table and nearly pummeled me to death! The vampire's eviscerates getting SO close!
  • Skirmishing on and off with Ryu's undead! You're too fast!!
  • The IG sadness when I figure out I can't drink in a golem! What am I going to do with a good fight after my friends now??
  • Getting Kendrick drunk under the guise of "responsibility", good fun :)
  • Sleet and Copper! Absolutely beautiful costuming, I would have never guessed it was their first game. They went all out!
Awesome, awesome game :) Thank you tireless NPCs and plot!
I very much enjoyed full time NPC'ing this weekend, and it was a pleasure working with the new plot team.


  • Atmosphere in the ghoul cave mods was great. It was extra spooky and I felt like I was working in a haunted house again.
  • PC's did a very good job with the void creature fight at holding the tavern against a relentless assault.
  • Sir Mag the Magnificent, Lord Protector of the Howling Woods, slayer of dragons, etc. etc. The character was a lot of fun to play and I enjoyed the RP interaction with Brom, Noah, and Captain.
  • Playing a mini lich in the dark unicorn fight was a lot of fun, I always enjoy changing things up and getting to play a caster.
  • Scaring the **** out of some people at the mage's guild right after the PC's entered forest watch. I got a pretty good scream out of someone which is always nice.
  • Playing a wild elf for Wolsey's ghost ancestor mod. That was some excellent RP from the NPC's and PC's and I felt it was one of my stronger on the fly role playing performances at this game.
  • Late night cabin raiding is always fun. I thought for certain that we had sent my Warchester bros to the rez circle when we first went in, but Kendrick showed up in the nick of time and a great fight broke out. The whole encounter was spectacular.
  • Helping marshal a bit for the last field battle. Plot team was run ragged and we were super short on NPC's so I was glad I was able to step in and help. I felt bad with how long the encounter took and that a lot of people were left sitting around waiting, but hope people had fun. Nobody fell in a mud puddle so I'll consider that a win.
Such a good game! I had an amazing time with all of you!

*Taking a long nature walk and watching falling stars with Jax friday night
*Getting to introduce Sandro, Kipp, and Bran to Acarthian Curtseying traditions. I really think they're getting the hang of it!
*Surprise merman mod! Fun mechanics, patient NPCs, and fun to spend some time with some scions!
*Izzy's food. Obviously. <3
*Not holding Knox's hand. Ever. Gillian is MVP. Knox is MVS.
*Holding everyone else's hand, always. Thanks, back porch gang, you really helped me hang in there!
*Finally getting dragged out to rid myself of headaches. Thanks to everyone for putting up with Peat's tantrum, thanks to Jenn for accepting my (many) rp hugs!
*The mounting dread coming down from the grove to find a couple of void elementals...a lot of void elementals...a LOT of void elementals and several walls of force.
*Sandro's heroic rescue! Definitely thought I was a goner!
*Getting to use legerdemain! At least three times! So fun!
******** off into the woods to look at plants in the murderously undead infested forestwatch, only to come back and find the town surrounded by undead and myself very much on the wrong side of them!
*Late night adventure club. I love you guys!
*5th wheeling wolsey's grand door-painting adventure!
As usual, my top favorite moments must (alas) be redacted because they were private roleplay moments, but the people involved know they are my favorites. :p But here are the ones I can share!

*Parzivel's VERY awful joke about Valdyr's death that nearly broke me out of character because it was actually really funny (but Alis didn't think so).
*Kipp! So much fun; I really enjoyed the interactions we had, thank you so much!
*The creepy as **** situation in the ghoul cave and the surprising compassion from Lumi afterward which was so startling it actually shook Alis out of her terror. Actually, just roleplaying with Lumi in general and realizing how connected she and Alis are becoming was really cool.
*"Too Scion to Scion".
*Once again getting to use my prophecy skill to predict horrifying things not once, not twice but THREE times in a game! :D
*Chris' Vigilant NPC; HUGE kudos for RP that was really well done. I got a definite kick out of that character.
*Ian's vampire NPC and the emotional ********/turmoil that caused inside my character that I was definitely NOT expecting. Wow.
*Gillian asking how many were on Alis' list of people she wishes she could silence forever and that number steadily growing from 4, no,, 6. Definitely only 6. I was wrong, it's 7.
*The void portal fight. Holy ****, plot and NPCs, well DONE. What a ******* amazing and horrifying hour that was. I'm sure you guys were exhausted as hell and I cannot even tell you how much I appreciate it. Such a truly gritty and terrifying time; I LOVED IT!!!
*"Yes it's true, I'm a terrible pacifist."
*The fact that game was declared to be OOG between 5-7 and almost no one went OOG. I love you people so goddamn much.
*The weather, it was soooo warm and I loved it.
*The horrifying moment where Alis did the only thing she could do to try to stop Izual doing something stupid in the aftermath of destruction and REALLY upset Gillian. Oops.
*Breakfast burritos. <3
My turn! So many good moments of this game..
  • Ohhhh, surprise gift for Lumi turned into her giving me a surprise gift as well. Super touching RP moment.
  • Fun snatch and grab mirror mod. We had a really good moral choice about whether to leave Bladrym behind or not. Yep...the Scions left the gemhead behind. Then he had the gaul to show up back in Acarthia with an enslavement on him. Good thing for Squire Noah having an antidote.
  • Ghoul Cave mod - So much darker and more difficult than the first set of caves I went in. We had a good plan on how to deal with it. Got halfway through, got some of the lore we needed and got out. I thought we played pretty smart.
  • Lumi losing her dagger - I hate these ghuls, I hate these ghuls, I hate these ghuls......
  • Getting rifted out by Parzivel and getting to go on an awesome merman mod (Quentin, you rocked). Peat, Lumi, Arikaya, Nytilit, I love you all. Best team ever. I'm glad someone finally thought of the solution to the mod, otherwise I would have a had a lot of crystal spears in my possession...
  • Void fight! Emaric rocked the defense planning of the tavern. We had so many wallls of force. I loved sallying out at times to save people. Really good teamwork all around.
  • Scion NPC shift. Thank you everyone for letting us write a town battle for you. Some of the mechanics I thought worked okay (Necrotic Infection wasn't so bad), but others really didn't (BMV arcane weakness) just really hurt new players. Everytime you run one of these you learn something more. Thanks all.
  • Showers? Seriously, can we never have a larp without showers ever? I mean..this isn't LARP spa but the shower was still amazing.
  • Saturday night....where can I start. One of the best nights of LARP I've had. First the paranoid walks back from Greenwood with Aurora and Kasuni. We were trying to figure out if we got jumped, could three of us jump on my shield and use it as a COP rep. Then we counted up that we had six COPs, enough to last til dawn at least.
  • The cabin raid on Warchester. LOVED IT. I mean..that squad of three was badass. So many gasses. Luckly Tevas, Gillian and Emaric got up and came to help. Otherwise it would have been a very different story. That's the scary **** I love.
  • Hanging with almost all of my best buds this game.
  • LNAC is the best.
  • Rivervale Party Time for new house guest! I love you Rivervale.
I know it was a rough event for many. I'm sorry to hear that. I know we are really taking in a lot of feedback about this event, but positive and negative. I can't wait to see my besties all back in New Acarthia in 2 and a half weeks.
So, so many awesome moments, but if I had to narrow down a reasonable amount for my first event...

*The madness of Friday night's undead raid of the tavern. Going from a cool conversation with Sleet, Wolfgar, and Captain Roberts out back, to that shot of fear when the undead came around the corner, to watching Sleet get dragged off, to dying on the porch in my very first battle (achievement unlocked!), to being life'd (thank you!) was nuts. But in a wonderful, baptism-by-fire sort of way.
*The combat class Saturday morning by Baron Darius and Co was extremely useful and entertaining. Thank you for looking out for us newbies!
*The Troll mod with Sleet, Sandro, Kipp, Bran, Navi, and Clara. Sandro and Kipp's RP had me in stitches (looking forward to more epic tales of glory in battle), and the NPC playing the troll was great. Well done to all!
*The Void Elemental fight. Emaric's defensive plan and Izual (and others I sadly never learned the names of) holding down our door like a boss were highlights, but the whole fight was tense and very well planned. Other memorable moments included Sleet taking the front line, Lagarde nearly getting dragged off, polearm users mounting the tables, and a wizardly-type getting some quality dagger hits over our door's table.
*Post-Void Elemental fight. After having literally all of our weapons and shields shattered, Sleet and I were the victim of gobs and gobs of kindness from everyone. Specifically Bladrym and Lagarde, and the entire barony of Tiatar. In fact, the entire game we were virtually showered with kindness from all sides. Sandro, Emaric, Baron Tiatar (I'm afraid I forgot your name), Kendric...that kindness will be repaid in full, on Copper's honor.
*The Forestwatch adventure as a whole, with its fantastic opening scene. The Vigilant sliding down the hill and the cool, indifferent (and frankly terrifying) manor of the vampire were standouts. I really liked how there were monsters stated for newer players that let us contribute to the bigger field battles. Thank you NPCs and plot!
*That random actual deer that caused a hold in the first graveyard battle.
*Earning the nickname "Copper lifts-his-tail" from Sandro when I spun 360 after hearing a "Copper, behind you!" call during the very dark 2nd graveyard fight. Apparently centrifugal force lifts a tail in the air. I had a very tough time with playing both IG annoyance and OOG cracking up at that.
*Sleet's reaction to getting constantly get confused for a fox. For those that don't know, she be wolfkin.
*Getting the drop on the Stone Golems (I think that's what they were) that came to the tavern to fight on Saturday, thanks to Kipp's quick thinking.
*I'm afraid I forgot your name, but the Warchester member who quickly ran all the way back to the cabins to retrieve Sleet a rendered shield before the final battle Sunday at the behest of Baron Warchester. After returning from that run in the hot sun, "Eat a bag of ****...your excellency."
*To copy one of Sleet's moments, Baron Darius in the Sunday fight. "I see you mage! COME AT ME BRO!"
*Bladrym pink-misting to open the way into the keep courtyard.
*Watching Sleet receive her favor from the Duchess. So proud.
*General adventuring and RP with Sandro, Kipp, Bran, and some of the other newer folks.
*NPCs! Holy cow you guys were amazing! I'm afraid I don't know any of your names, but each and every one did a fantastic job at going from intimidating undead, to answering my mid-battle questions about effects and what certain spells did, back to slicing Copper open. So many kudos to you all.
*Looting fallen undead, receiving some coin, and instinctively saying "thank you", not realizing until much later that IG I was basically taking coin from piles of dust and saying "thank you" every time. I even got a "you're welcome" once.

But sincerely, thank you to everyone in the Denver chapter. Sleet and I have been planning on joining the chapter for half a year now, and even after that long wait the experience surpassed our expectations in every way. Thank you for making us feel so welcome, and we're eager to join you all again in September!
I have something for those who missed this particular fight. I hope to continue to make quick animated sketches of moments!


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- Snarking with Alis and some of the Scions during the "Combat Class".
- The mining mod (for those spirit bells) with Kaia, Bladerym, Sleet, Copper, Radulfr, et al. That was fun, and the imagery of what kind of pain the mining caused us was good play.
- Getting mad at people for killing Were-rats. And trying to explain how illogical their words were when they said "Well, these were-rats were turned against their will, so aren't we just putting them out of their misery?".... my response was something akin to "No thank you. I was very much infected against my will, and I would thank you to not, as you put it, 'put me out of my misery'...." and the little banter was good play for me as a newly-infected were-rat from the September gather.
- All of the innuendos. Who knew hanging out with Alis and all of those folks would lead to so much innuendo? I was trying so hard to keep a straight-and-juren facial expression. So hard.
- That laughable moment when Kendrick, Kasuni and I decided to chase down the one lone Ghul so we could nip that problem in the bud.... and then I faceplant gloriously on the way there. So much for that!
- Reminding Aikoll that they aren't a chicken
- I loved the alchemy plot. It's Sandro, right? I loved that character. And with Mevanwy trying so hard to get answers, it was good to see someone with some new ideas. She loved how easily this person extracted blood from the were-rat they captured and let her take it to the Healer's Guild. And there was so much play we set the groundwork for (in regards to building cures). Can't wait to see where that goes.
- That Void-Eclipse battle was really fun for me, and helped me see how tactics can work.
- Mevanwy finally meeting at least ONE of the two leaders of Tiatar. And joking with other PCs, going all "Who is this person with the white belt. They are new?" and just being silly.
- Wizardin' school intrigues Mevanwy. She's not sure what to think of it, lol.
- That first battle in Forest Reach. All the battling caused everyone to be so tired that when Mevanwy needed a group to walk to the Mage's Guild with, nobody was able. And while it was a fun IG moment for Mevanwy to be pissed, it was quite a feat to see so much of the town just drained.
- The moment when Dame Arikaya (sp?) invited Mevanwy to an adventure to help them get a flag the King had done a landbond thing with to help them. That was a cool mod to be on, and Mevanwy felt "wanted". It was a little moment, but good.
- When we were walking back from the flag mod and Josh's NPC surprises us by jumping out of the trees to attack again. We don't normally expect that, and it was fun. I accidentally booked it, running INTO Kendrick (and then falling because I was then dying)..... and then accidentally having Nyt trip over my dying body and falling with me. It was a hilarious, rolled-a-1-on-dex moment for me, and put a smile on my face as I remembered the ridiculousness of it.
Oh my gosh! So many things!
-Good RP moment with Kendrick about IG presents for the newlyweds.
-Trying to help poor Ember rez Jax, if we have any mercy warchester will write an outline for the rezzers.
-Leaving the HG thinking everyone is just behind me...finding myself on the wrong side of the tavern with an Ian Ghul lord who double taps me and kills me faster than I have time to scream or defend...then he asks if he can have my beautiful dagger. Oh, the world shall burn.
-SOOO many people asking me about my dagger as I try not to cut them with words, my loaned weapon, or spells. And also the sobbing whine sound I made at it.
-Scion ghul cave. I did a cave as Hosh in May and this was way harder and darker and scarier. Poor Alis had to hear the ghuls murmur her name the whole time, as soon as we got out I immediately went to mother hen comfort mode.
-Being super grossed out by Sandro and his nasty leeches. Will purify with fire, don't test me :)
-Being too sassy and quick to answer during Combat training, and then accidentally throwing my weapon at the baron as I went to sit and eat to be quiet.
-Parzivel's mod-HOLY **** well done, Quentin was super duper amazing, I had a great time with all the players and the NPC's had boundless patience for us and our slow going at figuring out what to do and how best to achieve it, and the oh **** moment when we realized that we'd messed up.
-Going to the grove- I got assigned a special job and I was super happy. Stupid tree and its defensive mechanisms.
-Void fight! That was soooo stressful, I wound up not magic storming or really having to wand much, but it was still impressive and stressful, once again I saw peat on the outside behind enemy lines and almost cried while begging kendrick to fix it.
-NPC shift with scions! I love you guys and had a great time chatting with Nissa before we got to make our appearance.
-LNAC Every. single. time I thought we were going to bed there was a ******* "oh wait"as well as a "Warchester cabin all almost rez'd" Damn was that stressful, and I was running low on sleep and patience.
-Final battle had some stress partially from #'s and layout and I had to consider a serious RP choice should it have gone differently. Super nervewracking. Taking down casters felt great, I Think I'm getting better but I Still need to work on my throwing arm : )
-All the sass and snark that comes from RP with me
-Izual's cooking!! Sooo good, Damn I've missed those burritos.

Im sure I missed some things <3 you all thanks for an amazing event!
Alright, I'm late to the party but its so hard to remember things.
  • Ghoul Cave - The hacking, whispering, and overall feel of the atmosphere was amazing.
  • Combat/Battle School w/ Sparing - Always a pleasure to reassure new players that us veteran players are here to help them understand the world, game, and mechanics on how they work. I'm not the best but I learn and teach what I learn.
  • Tavern Defensive Prep - Assigning tables for people to stand on and begin their storms. Getting Wall of Force scrolls and assigning choke points, thanks Cory(Osborne) and Paxton(Kendrick) for believing and trust my decisions on placement and plan for it.
  • Roll, Bounce, Roll - Effectively being known as that guy, I took a pretty good spill this event and everyone wait to make sure I wasn't in pain before considering to call a hold. :D
  • HODOR! - Fighting shoulder to shoulder with Morningtide during the Eclipse Fight. "The Wolves howl and the earth quakes!"
  • Surname Choosing - Being offered to take the surname Morningtide and have the Baron and Baroness still take time to decide on a fitting name.
  • Golem Fighting - Finally got around to fight for Aneria as her golem the weekend before it expires. "No Effect!"
  • Invasion Battles - Most interesting effects and well practiced after the first graveyard, timing things according and drinking a purify to unload melee damage for a good 5 minutes.
  • Cabin Raid - Doing Inventory for the upcoming battle and hearing things until Kendrick calls for help, I along with others come to aid.
  • After Cabin Raid Slap - Gillian.. yup.. <3
  • Keep Raid - "...With your shield, or on it..." The constant creed said between Ri and Morningtide to Emaric, with fist bump when he gets tasked with something REALLY important.
Ready for September, lets do this.
This event was fantastic! Blaidrym had a rough event, but I had a ton of fun.

-Getting blown up in front of the entire town. Yes, this was a favorite moment, despite losing 5 silver, a gas globe, and a backup explosive trap I had on me. It was just very funny to see all your faces when you got sprayed with bits of me!
-Setting that trap. Super fun to run past attacking undead carrying huge bombs. It must have looked a bit strange to see me throwing off my armor and weapons as I was running towards undead, but that's what you gotta do sometimes! Roberts and I set the traps as people behind us defended us. He ran out the line. Then, somehow... boom.
-Right before that: "We're assaulting a keep? Do we have siege weapons?" Lagarde holds up a huge stack of explosives. "We ARE the siege weapons!"
-Corrupted Grove fight. I absolutely loved how this was done, splitting into two groups to allow for decently scaled mobs for each group.
-No Wards!! I enjoyed this because it gave me the chance to trap the hell out of our cabin. We didn't get attacked, but Sondro did get stabbed by a knife trap when he came back really, really late. And almost got stabbed by a sword from a very sleepy Blaidrym before he frantically said "It's me, it's Sondro!"
-Graveyard Fights. I didn't really fight in the first because I was helping unlock and disarm a box with traps. But the second was a great fight. Not overwhelmingly difficult, but difficult enough to be dangerous.
-Similarly the Keep battle was difficult, but not overwhelming. I was defending the courtyard, and we saw some nasty stuff but not anything that killed us instantly. And Miguel barely missed me with a 50 normal slay as I frantically put up a magic armor, was a frightening moment.
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