August 17th - 19th Pre-reg Open

Beverly Byers

Traverse City Staff
Announcing Registration for our August 17th – 19th Weekend Event
The price for this event will be $40, and anyone who registers will get 50 goblin stamps and a full boat of protectives at game on just for doing it! You can do that by going to our website and using the registration link. It is simple and easy and helps us determine treasure among many other things, so please help us out!​

Please include the following in your pre-reg:
  • Inform Logistics how you wish to spend any Build
  • If you have Spells, High Magic, and/or Production provide Logistics with how you want to use those skills.

Logistics Details:
Preregistration for this event will close at 11:59pm on August 13th, 2018.
Please send the following information to:
  • Inform Logistics of any temporary tags you need to trade in for permanent ones.
Site Information:

State Land (Same site as last year)

Who All Is Coming?

Pre-Registered PCs:

  1. Kierra Pendill (Saro)
  2. Mia Long (Kai)
  3. Aidon Byers (Eragon)
  4. Victor Dueweke (Nommeric)
  5. Matthew Byers (Maxwell)
  6. Taed Price (Grin)
  7. Mike Meeker (Flint)
  8. Simone Davis (Talia)
  9. Joe Convery (Gideon)
  10. BJ Goldade (Robert Karstarke)
  11. Mike Long (Havok)
  12. Aric Long (Dmitri)
  13. Damien Puckett (Kunzio)
  14. Anique Puckett (Ahlana)
  15. Matt Waller (Arai)

Pre-Registered NPCs:
  1. Tyler Anderson
  2. Cory Walker
  3. Michael Perry
  4. Brigit Convery
  5. Jared Sisco
  6. Beverly Sisco
  7. Chris Thetford
  8. Steven Foster
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