August 17th Pre-Reg


Where does the time go? Our August 17th event is fast approaching!

Logistics will open at approximately 6:00 PM on Friday, with Game-On hopefully by 9:30 PM, and Game-Off at approximately noon on Sunday. We always would like to try to get the event started as fast as possible, so try to arrive punctually if you can!

This event will take place at the following site:

Camp Stearns
Tonkawa Lodge
3303 County Road 44
South Haven, MN, 55382

Pre-registering is highly encouraged, for it lets the staff know you're attending and, as such, lets us prepare what we need to do ahead of time. Pre-registering makes everything run smoother and lets us get our game started all the faster, which is always convenient. It also gets you a discounted fee for the event! The sooner you get your pre-reg in, the more pleased the Logistics folks will be, so get those pre-regs in! Even if you're NPCing, please don't forget to pre-reg. It's important for us to know how many NPCs are coming, etc.

The cost for this event is $100 for PCing and $45 for NPCing, with a $35 discount for pre-registering (making it $65 to PC or $10 to NPC with an on-time pre-reg). First time ever Alliance players get their game half-off (or free to NPC)!

Remember if this is your first game of the season so you will have to purchase a membership. A yearly membership for SoMN is $15.

Event Payment
We accept cash, and checks for onsite payment. All fees and dues must be paid before participation in the game.

You may pre-pay online for any of our events using the following link: PayPal

For a form for registration, check out Pre-Reg Form and simply fill out the information.Pre-regs should include: Build Expenditures, Goblin Stamp Expenditures, Magic Item info (item number, effects, expiration, etc.), any Production skill use, any Craftsman skills, and anything else you deem appropriate (categories are listed on the online form).

Players with purple text by their name should send the requested information to logistics prior to the event as soon as possible!

Pre-regs are due by Friday, August 10th at midnight! You do not get the discount for registering after this point, but it is still highly encouraged by the logistics staff for you to do so!

Pre-regged PCs

1.) Wendall R. (Azeban)
2.)Brad K. (Zihr)
3.) BJ H. (Ghauld)
4.) Adam K. (Lentinus)
5.) David R. (Iganeous)
6.) Ryan B. (Cassandra)
7.) Andrea R. (Gertrude)
8.) Ryan B. (Brom)
9.) Zach S. (Elros)
10.) Josh C. (Baeleon)
11.) Bryce K. (Bruisey)
12.) Sid P. (Ragnarok)
13.) Theresa D. (Rhoop)
14.) Kathryn L. (Auryn)
15.) Kyle S. (Gronk)
16.) Carly B. (Fiona)
17.) Patrick L. (Artemis)
18.) Brent W. (Hengin)
19.) Alexander T. (Sarvenius)
20.) David G. (Durl)
21.) Adam P. (Peter)
22.) Emma B. (Agate)
23.) Michael F. (Gabriel)
24.) Josh S. (Lightning)
25.) Jeremy M. (New Character)
26.) Jenny S. (Jamina)
27.) Chris H. (New Character)
28.) Jessica P. (Keladry)

Non Pre-Regged PCs


Pre-regged NPCs

1.) Chris H.
2.) Crystal K.
3.) Ryan B.
4.) Jesse T.
5.) Amy M.
6.) Josh M.
7.) Dan S.
8.) Elise D.
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I'm bringing a new recruit to PC... do they need to pay anything other than $32.50 pre-reg? Annual membership is still not required until second event for brand-new people, right?
I'm bringing a new recruit to PC... do they need to pay anything other than $32.50 pre-reg? Annual membership is still not required until second event for brand-new people, right?
That is correct. If it is their first game at Alliance they will receive a free single-event membership. Just make sure they mention that you referred them in their prereg/email so that you can receive your recruiter bonuses.
i have a question, i wish to donate a small box i have to the group and did not see a place to put that on the registration form.

David Raatz
thank you for the info though i am unable to send pictures i can describe the box as a small circular box w/lid that has either a wizards eye or a dragons eye upon it , hard to tell which.
David Raatz
Looking forward to pre-regging is still the right address to send card requests to? I'd love to bring the green machine Durl out again for this event but I need to know his build since he just finished a goal and I have to to figure out what to try next ^.^
Looks like I'm not making it up for this one. Work requires my presence.
Just wanted to comment that 3 out of 8 PCs currently going are Master Blacksmiths!

Just need Tim to make 4.
Sent in PayPal forgot to put in note it was from me but that was me that just sent the PayPal.