August 18-20 Event Pre-Registration and Logistics

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    Please remember to get your name on that list by the Monday before the event. After that, door prices apply and you may not have your character information ready to go Friday night. So don't wait, get your info in now!

    Also remember to pre-reg if you're NPC'ing! It helps us plan out the events knowing who and how many people we have in our monster camp so we can make the event that much more awesome. It also helps keep our wait list to a minimum. The more NPCs, the less we have to worry about maxing out our PC count with our ratio!

    If your name is bold it means we need your cashhhhh.
    If your name has a asterisk* after it, it means we have your cashhh, but need you to pre-logist.
    If your name is Red you are on the wait list.

    You can pre-logist and pay here: Alliance Deadlands Pre-Registration
    Go do it! Do it now!

    We are keeping our 3:1 PC:NPC ratio for this season's events!
    In the event that we are short on NPCs and have to put PCs onto a waitlist, PC's who have not paid will be bumped onto the waitlist. PLEASE make sure to send in your payments and fill out the form so logistics can take care of setting up for the weekend. If there is a section of the form that you aren't sure about, do your best to fill in the appropriate information. Our logistics staff is more than happy to assist you in tweaking things after the fact rather than not getting any information ahead of time.

    Thank you!

    Any questions? Shoot them my way at and I will help you out!

    Pre-Registration List

    1. Dan B
    2. Brian D
    3. Evan T
    4. Sean M
    5. Samara M
    6. Sean C
    7. Albert L
    1. Deb W*
    2. Stacey B*
    3. Meghan K*
    4. Ren W*
    5. Rachel D*
    6. Melissa G
    7. Nick C
    8. Mark S
    9. Ray R
    10. Dustin S*
    11. Adam C*
    12. Jen R-P*
    13. Ashley T*
    14. Nate K*
    15. Mike L
    16. Jena L
    17. Gary M
    Available PC slots: 5

    -Updated 8/10 by Samara (payments)
    - Updated 8/11 by Meghan (pre-reg)
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  2. Celebolwa

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    Please add me. I'll be paying tomorrow morning. Yay! I get to play again.
  3. OleanderSky

    OleanderSky Artisan

    I paid July 18th.
  4. Celebolwa

    Celebolwa Scholar

    I am confused. Is this the updated list?
  5. I prelogisted weeks ago, not sure why my name isn't showing up.

    Gonna go do it again.
  6. Flyaway Bird

    Flyaway Bird Scholar New Hampshire Staff

    Most of the staff has been out of town on vacation. We appreciate your patience while we update the lists over the next day or so.
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  7. Adamc

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    Adam Cushion here Payed to pc on Aug 7th should of been sent under Karen Cushion but it's for me :) see you all soon
  8. Aisling

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    Weird. The logistics form wasn't emailing me updates. Sorry for the delay in logistic form submission updates!
    One week away! Make sure you get those forms in!

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