August 2017 Event Favorites

Barran Plot

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Tell to me the new skirmish stories and enjoyments!!

25 Goblins get killed and their best points handed to you as thanks for giving us more on the Barran Tapestry of Fate ;)
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Really enjoyed the night battle vs Black Forest Undead and the other NPCs.

Impromptu game of orc rugby was hillarious, along with the drunken singing after.

Kiersten knows something Tyson doesnt. Lolol. Also the rainbow song, team urban dictionary, and general cabin shenanigans.

+1 Monster Strength ftw.

Super enjoyed watching new players get introduced to something I have loved for so many years. The sportsmanship in this chapter is amazing. Such fantastic people here, I really love it. Was a really nice, relaxed event spent with good friends and meeting new ones. Thank you again AGB staff and players for yet another fantastic weekend!


Alliance Rules
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Thanks to everybody for a great event!

Cabin shenanigans were hilarious (as always)!

Not feeling as broken as normal was even better.

I really enjoyed the new (to me) site.

Both the plant mod and the rat mod were appropriately rough and fantastically fun.

Saturday night pre-deadwalk fight was great! The view from the window outside the tavern was awesome.


Oh man, oh man, oh man! I was so excited about getting to the new site because I just had to run around in the woods IG and explore!
And there was so much to explore! Scoutgasm!
*Meeting new players. Trevor remembers the time he was brand new. He's blessed to have such an excellent team of friends to journey with. So he knows not everyone is as lucky when they begin. So if it's taking a few on their first Mod experience, or helping them dispatch some NPC without stealing the glory, or what ever, he does what he can to make them feel welcome.
*learning from a river elf the difference between all aquatic elves (sea, river and lake) and the discussion about them.
Not being from Barran, he still has a lot to learn about the races of this chapter.
*mods with my group. My friends. Knowing that while they like to keep to themselves, and I prefer to be active and amongst the town, I can always call upon them when necessary to help with anything. Except on Sundays after 12
*howlbear hunting. It's not a weekend unless we kill a howlbear.
*Stabley and I lighting up a pantherghast
*the joy upon Kierstens face when a Pantherghast Appeared for Biata.
Then the look of disappointment on her face when Justin dropped it within 10 secs. She and Sarah literally took a few steps before hanging their heads in resignation.
*getting to do Order of the Wylde missions (finally) by virtue of being the ONLY member in attendance. And increasing my ranking.
*Darksiding Friday night and going out as one of two goblins with a golem. So, we argued over controlling the golem until The Warden (TM) subjugated it and sent it after us. Who even memorized that these days?!
*Speaking of The Warden, this guys a trip! Always enjoy his shenanigans. And our conversation involving his ownership of Dissonance.
*Brian mentioned someone being a side piece and Kiersten asking why she was Carrying a gun. Too funny.
*Wellarg sending the goblins after me just because he can. Each time I lost them he kept popping up saying "He's over here!"
One of them had a threshold and I was unable to do anything from the front (phrasing!)
Thanks Muggs for taking care of that!
*Saturday night drunken orc rugby. Cheating my a** off in that game. It didn't help.
*the Dwarfs bawdy song! Yo-ho!
So many memories, so many good times, can't wait to do it again in October.
One of my favorite events so far.
- Taren and the merrimon's guild was fun. Needed some help learning to walk like a fancy elf but did okay planning a party.
-Friday night running around and killing undead was super fun. Saturday night....did not do as well.
-cookie making an example out of me for lying....still trying to grow up you think it would be easier when you mature faster...oh well
-playing with Amanda and against Darkin is always fun!
-Gilwing telling me to stop dying as much always nice to think Black forest has your back a little bit....
-Tieran making fun of me being engulfed and Meg(?) giving me a life spell.
-River elf friends....or more like parents. Cole's elf was like a fun mom....who was also competitive and would woop my ***. and Azim(sp) the stoic father figure who Slash looks up to.
-Crash dying fighting undead. How any Ogre should want to go. Also led to us fighting more undead to get his spirit back fully.
-Maddoc and Slash being on the exact same brain wave when dealing with Z the baby river elf.....also her getting pissed....and me out of game trying not to feel bad
-Role Playing with Otaris late Saturday night about his life and goals. He sees a lot of honor in Otaris and would gladly fight beside him....just not too far ahead...where he and kylar are setting traps.
-holding my own against some Black Forest undead....until i didnt. lesson learned punch shields can be jabbed into your nose. back to the good old strap shields. hahahaha
-taking some new prospects of the Adventurers guild on their practical...hopefully I can help make the Adventurer's guild into something pretty cool.
-Wellorg throwing my javalin back to me...with a nice 60 massive carrier.

While I didn't get involved in too much main story plot I loved this event. I truly went out and made my own plot and found what I could.....I dont think I sat down for more that 10 min without something happening either role-play or combat.


This was my first larp event ever and it was so fun! Let's see...

-Goblin RP and getting our golem subjugated in my second battle ever.
-Playing the plants and rats and getting to give the higher level players a run for their money as a newbie.
-Playing Eleanor the overly curious sage during the battles and making everyone protect me.
-That Dwarven Cheese Bread. Yum.
-Getting to talk to people and hearing their opinion on things like necromancy, slavery, and of course marriage.
-The site! The site was really beautiful.
-Also OOC getting to meet people and everybody being super welcoming and helpful!


My favorite moments from this event are:

Hanging out with my new business partners, Keegan and Justyn, and discussing our future goals.

Learning that the shield I was borrowing from Mugs was one he had made for the husband of the dragon, Penhawe, and that it had passed from hero to hero until it made its way back to him. I had written Penhawe into my character story and he is a survivor of the Tsunami five hundred years ago. Sadly, I will need a lot of practice before I am any good with shields.

Jumping the fence after midnight on Saturday was hands down the best. I really enjoyed playing an intelligent creature and since there was really no room for more than two Dread Lords in the doorway to the tavern, I decided to use guerilla tactics and run from large groups and use my Spellstrike: Death against people with weapons that could damage me. That was a whole lot of fun for me. I hope everyone else had fun too. I especially enjoyed walking up to the swimming pool in the dark and then following the trail down to the cabins in the woods in the pitch black just so I could sneak up on my own cabin to mess with my companions who were turning in early. “M’wuh-ha-ha-ha!” They picked up a ward while I was out, but I still gave them a good startle. Later, I was hugged to death.

I learned a lot of new stuff. I hope I can remember all of it.


Gettysburg Staff
I had a lot of fun this event and can't wait for the next one.

My favorites, in no particular order were:

-Roleplaying with Mugs and discussing possible business opportunities
-Learning about the gemcutter's guild and gems in general from Redcloud
-The pot roast was delicious and plentiful.
-My own personal treasure pinata right before game end on Sunday
-Ooh, a piece of candy, Ooh a piece of candy, Ooh a piece of candy...
-Quality time with Justyn and Naerduil
-Taking shots of Justyn's "whiskey" and watching one of the Black Forest guys imitate a geyser when he tried it.
-"Is there anything else I can help you with?", "I could use some money", "Okay, here you go" - Mugs saying to me "I can't believe that worked"-