August 9-11 "The Five Nations War"

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"Ale," announced Foreman Gant, as he slammed the scroll against the oaken table.

Eight of the nine other Foremen startled at the sound. Only Foreman Bronn kept his cool, his scarred hands folded before him.

"Ale?" he asked, lip curled in disgust.

"I'll need ale if I'm to discuss this," replied Gant. He turned to the human boy lurking in the corner of the great stone chamber. "Two pitchers, boy. The best Old Barla will let us have. Tell her it's for the Foremen."

"Foreman," corrected Forewoman Lara, her eyes icy in her coal-black face.

Gant waited, picking at his long yellow beard, until the boy had left the room.

"Can we trust the boy?" asked Forewoman Dagny. Her booming voice made a mockery of a whisper. "So many of the outlanders are human."

“So am I,” said Foreman Nail, glaring at Dagny.

Foreman Tai tetched deep in his throat. "If we start mistrusting our servants we're doomed anyway."

Forewoman Dis sighed, irritation flaring behind her bifocals. “We’re getting off-topic.”

"Yes," said Gant. "Let's talk about the Konig's war instead. A war he sees fit to make us vote on his absence!" He swatted the scroll away from him for emphasis.

Foreman Entor leaned in, white teeth and blue irises the only thing visible beneath the hood. “Magical assets stand to be the fulcrum on which the entire war balances. If war is to happen, and the words on the scroll are most clear - “

Gant dismissed Entor with a wave of his hand. “I know how the office of Overseer works, thank you.”

"He is more than the Overseer,” said Foreman Thomril, his meaty fists on the table in front of him. “He is the Konig. If he declares war is necessary, then war is necessary."

"Bah!" Gant shouted. "This is the hoblings’ doing. Those schemers and their pet ogre have too long been given His Majesty's ear."

"That does not mean they are wrong," said Lara. "The impending food shortages have placed us in a difficult situation. The aid from Greenport helps, but the longer we allow our subjects to subsist on that, the more of them will support the reconciliation movement."

Nail cleared his throat. “ we have any alternatives?”

“My scouts are still seeking the ritual materiel needed for a quick resolution,” said Lara. “I have the highest confidence in their ability to succeed. But this war is not about food. We must move forward regardless.”

"I see it another way," said Tai. His face tattoos gleamed silver as leaned into the lamplight. "This very crisis has altered the perspective of the nation. My aides report unrest all across Fathomfall, with particular attention being paid to Twinspire Vale and the Arbiter. It would be a waste to not seize the initiative now."

"I hope my Lords forgive my apprehension," said Gant. “But Omar Nadine and Arbory still boast a great many swords. And then there are the outlanders Dagny mentioned...”

"I would be surprised if you didn't have any apprehension,” said Bronn. “A century of peace is certain to have such an effect. But I also agree with His Majesty. Fathomfall and her people no longer benefit from the Four Nations Accord. We strike now, or we wither on the vine."

Dagny stroked her goatee, nostrils flaring as she thought. “The Accord nations will turn this against us. They'll call us invaders. Looters.”

"We have a solution to that already," said a plummy, chiding voice.

The Foremen turned toward the voice. Foreman Ixion sat at the far end of the great table, hidden in a cloud of pipe smoke, his bald pate shiny as obsidian, his thin lips twisted in a smile as he puffed.

"Ixion," said Bronn. "What do you mean?"

Ixion grinned. "The first time we met with General Stormbreaker, he promised he could make our war a just one."

Bronn shot a meaningful glance toward Gant. The older dwarf answered with a glare.

"If His Majesty desires a war," Ixion continued, "then we should entrust it to his general. His reputation was one of results, after all."

"A stone elf running our armies," Dagny said with an ironic chuckle. "I never thought I would see the day."

"The world keeps changing," said Nail, not much more jolly.

Bronn snorted. “How do you think I feel? But as Foreman of Arms, I fully support the decision. General Stormbreaker is an asset and brings the kind of strategy we will require to win this war.”

Ixion cleared his throat and raised the gavel. “As the Foreman of Culture, and acting as proxy to the Konig and Overseer in his absence, I call a vote. Do we hand over discretion and full command to General Stormbreaker, or do we continue our efforts toward an alternate solution?"

The chamber went silent. Bronn leaned back in his chair, watching the frustration on Gant's face, the horror on Nail's, the cold consideration on Dis's. Ixion was all but grinning, and the other dark elves shared his insouciance.

“His Majesty’s vote is Aye,” said Ixion. “And I also vote Aye.”

Nail cleared his throat again. "Nay."

Gant glowered. "Nay."

Ixion’s expression didn’t waver. He looked to Dagny, who looked at Gant, Bronn, Thomril, trying to guess their moods.

“Aye,” she said, with a hint of surrender.

“Aye,” said Thomril, as soon as Dagny had spoken.

"Aye," said Lara, equally without hesitation.

Tai shrugged. "Aye.”

“Aye,” added Entor.

“Aye,” said Bronn, almost laughing.

Dis glowered at Ixion over her glasses. “Nay,” she said, already pushing her chair out from the table.

"The ayes have it," said Bronn, and banged the gavel against the table. "Foreman Tai, have a scribe draft a letter to General Stormbreaker. Fathomfall is at war. Command is his." His lungs felt heavy as he said it.

Gant pushed out from the table, gathering his cloak about him as he rose. "Nail, I will be in the feasting hall if you desire a drink."

Nail shook his head, bemused. "What has this nation come to?"

Tai looked across the table at him, smiling with the relaxation of the resigned. "Victory."

Pre-registration for Alliance San Francisco's August 9th - 11th Weekend event is open!


This event will take place at Cutter Scout Reservation (directions here).


Member PC: $80 at the door. $70 if pre-paid by Friday, August 2nd at 11:59 PM. An additional $20 will allow you to participate in the meal plan.
Non-Member PC: $90 at the door. $80 if pre-paid by August 2nd. An additional $20 will allow you to participate in the meal plan.
Cast/Crew: $0.


Please use the pre-registration form located at this link to register for the event. If you wish to pre-pay for the event, you may do so here. Please remember that if you plan to pay on arrival you will need to bring cash, as we do not take checks or credit cards at the door.

Please see the Logistics and You sticky for more information on what is required to complete your pre-registration.


Please immediately go to Logistics and check in when you arrive; if you arrive before 6:00PM, please feel free to unpack, get in costume, etc., until Logistics opens. Please also see the Schedule for details on opening ceremonies.


Remember that you will need to bring all related tags to Logistics, or Logistics will not be able to check you in. This includes magic item tags, spell and production books, and workshop tags. Any magic items not pre-registered or checked in at your first logistics of the weekend will not be able to be used for that weekend.

Logistics will be open for specific hours during the event (see "Schedule"). If you want to go through Logistics at another time, your ability to do so will be entirely dependent on our Logistics Trainee's ability to help you in between normal cast and crew duties, and there is a chance you will not be able to PC until the next official Logistics period.


There are bunk rooms under the main lodge that will be available for PC use. There are also two eight-bed cabins available on site. To request a bunk or cabin please email Priority will be given to groups and to out-of-state visitors without other sleeping arrangements. Volunteers working in the kitchen will get priority consideration for bunks at the main lodge.

If you are requesting a cabin or bunk for a group, please have everyone in your group pre-register before submitting your request. We will be filling any unclaimed beds Friday night on a first-come, first-served basis.

If the cabins fill up or if you prefer to sleep elsewhere, there will be campsites and perma-tents available. In the case of camping-unfriendly weather we may open up additional beds, but do not plan on it. Remember to bring extra bedding if you are using the perma-tents; the cots are comfortable but not particularly insulating.

See the third post in this thread for sleeping arrangements as they currently stand.


Logistics will open at 6:00pm on Friday night. Logistics will close at the beginning of opening ceremonies. Any logistics needs after that time will have to be negotiated.

We will be having formal opening ceremonies Friday night at 8:30pm in the main lodge. Please attend opening ceremonies, as we will be providing information and answers to questions that we cannot guarantee you will have access to later.

Opening ceremonies will end by 9:00pm, at which time game will be called "on."

On Saturday night, Logistics will open at 6:00pm and remain open until 8:00pm.

Game will be called "off" at 12pm on Sunday, after which we will have closing ceremonies in the main lodge.

Complete Pre-Registrations:
Lauren M
Kim D
Jody M
Victoria G
Sarah D
Bobby S
John A
Mariko R
Jason Y
Leigh-Ann M
Isaac H
Raine M
Mike A
Neil E
Isaac D
Alex S
Ali B
Lauren Y
Cat W
Skye K
Jason M
Brian H

Incomplete Pre-Registrations:

Tyler H
Brandon L
Steven O
Philip P
Kristie B
Alice C
S. Rain
Paul C

Cook's Room: Staff

Director's Room:
1. Dan V.
2. Sarah D.

Bunk Room #1:
1. Davio
2. Adam
3. Victoria
4. Neil

Bunk Room #2:
1. Lauren Y
2. Leigh Ann
3. Cymryc
4. Isaac H
5. Raine M

Cabin 1:

Cabin 2: Ashen Spire +
1. Tevas
2. Ali B
3. Ferdd L

Cabin 3: NPC Quarters

Cabin 4: Reserved for NPC Usage

MENU: (Pending update)



We have changed our event discount policy. In order to obtain the event discount, you must now pre-pay for the event.

Fun Size

Event teaser now included in original post.

Fun Size

***Meal Plan Update***

Friday night

Salad (various dressings)

Vegetarian option

Vegetarian lasagna
salad (various dressings)

Saturday Morning

Scrambled eggs
Apple Oatmeal crumble

Saturday daytime

snacks, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
hard boiled eggs

Saturday Dinner

Vegetable Fried Rice (rice, soy sauce, egg, carrots, peas)
Marinated chicken

Vegetarian option

Vegetable fried rice
Marinated Portabello mushrooms

Sunday Morning


All weekend there will be water, lemonade and fruit punch available from the coolers. Please bring your own refillable bottles or mugs.


We need more registrations for this event. If we don't get more, we won't be able to cover the site fee. If we can't pay, we can't play! So poke your friends and fellow players!
Reminder: There are only 3 days left to pre-reg for this event. This is still in danger of not happening if more people do not pre-reg by Friday.
Final reminder: Today is the last day to pre-reg for the August 9th-11th weekend event.

Fun Size

Game on in just a few days. Thanks to everyone for registering!