August Donation List!

Discussion in 'Denver: Out of Game' started by Cedric, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Cedric

    Cedric Scholar Denver Staff Marshal

    Here is our August Donation List. Let me know if you are grabbing anything so we don't double up.
    I'm offering 5:1 GS to dollar on these donations. You just need to provide me or Eric with the receipt. For things that don't have a cost (like the coolers of ice) I'll figure out a good amount to reward you.


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  2. IMoriarty

    IMoriarty Newbie Denver Staff

    Shane/Bel Grabbed the Hoods!
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  3. Lenyria

    Lenyria Newbie

    I'll be bringing a couple cases of water up with me!
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  4. HalveElven

    HalveElven Newbie

    I have a couple of coolers I should be able to bring. Depends on if I am giving rides or not. So I will check back and reconfirm Wed before game
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  5. aegora

    aegora Newbie

    Nobody claimbed the orange paper?? If it's still needed, I can certainly Amazon it.

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  6. Cedric

    Cedric Scholar Denver Staff Marshal

    Great! It goes to Trace, can you work out how she should get the paper from you?
  7. Traceroo

    Traceroo Adept Denver Staff

    Is Aegora = Chris? If so, I'll PM you my home address for delivery.
  8. Emaric

    Emaric Newbie

    Yes that is Chris.

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