August event favorites


Hi all,
Thanks to plot, NPCs, and PCs for a great weekend! It was a hot one, but it was awesome hanging with old friends and meeting some new ones too. Special thanks to Amy and her kitchen staff who keep us fed!

In no particular order:
--Sarvie's very excellent plan to crash a whale into the capital, which was a solid plan with no flaws whatsoever!
--Seeing the plot team play with some new mechanics with the boat mods. The second mod space inside of the whale was a cool idea.
--Meeting the pirates, and seeing some more world-building from the plot team. Fiona is glad to have met some potential allies on this crazy new continent!
--Durl kicking some serious butt during the duels (Hengin: "So we can keep fighting if we want, but can we all agree that Durl pretty much won this one?")
--A very delicious dessert competition! Thanks everyone who brought their baking skills to the game.
--More than one moment of very tense RP with the announcement of the Duke's laws, and related incidents
--Distracting monsters so Artemis could get behind them
--3 master blacksmiths ready to do fast refits :)
--Using all my Disarms on Dan on the boat (sorry/notsorry :p )
--I'd like to give a special shout-out to Crystal as the Countess and Elise (Keranna) as the Vornae Captain for their great costumes and role-play as those characters!

Thanks again to plot team and NPCs for working so hard this weekend. See you all next time!

--Carly/Sera Fiona
Yes, thank you all for a great weekend! I'm already looking forward to November :)

~Jamina's List - how quickly she came up with it (I'm pretty sure she had it in place already), that I made the top five, and GRONK's grin when he found out he was #1 because "he's quick and won't hesitate"
~Sera Fiona and "I summon a force to disarm your Zihr!" Best incant ever.
~Watching Ragnarok teach Ghauld the Thrown Weapons skill. Thanks again, Rags
~Elise as Captain Matron Ebony Greywing, I really hope we see her again! Well done Elise :)
~Lightning clarifying for me. "Are we looking for a violet fungus or a violent fungus?" "Violet fungus, it's dark grey. You can't miss it."

~Brad / Zihr
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  • Big shout out to everybody who brought food on Friday night! (It meant I had a break!)
Also- REALLY- I can't do it without all my help!
  • Thanks to Rynn, Rhoop, Elise, Azeban and Zihr for helping me with food!
  • Peter for helping with keeping water in the jug! I think he kept many of you from heat exhaustion.
  • Sunday morning kitchen help cleaning- Zihr and BJ for cleaning up all the tables and chairs for tavern (that was the noise you may have heard at 4:30 am), Adam, Wendall, Rhoop (Theresa) and Josh Clark (King of amazing mopping!)
  • Thanks to plot/npcs and PCs for making this a community- my special world I get the priveldge to serve and be a part of.
Also, 2 found mugs. Pm me if yours is missing.

Fond farewell to Rhoop who will be traveling to settle in far off lands...some land called Bostons (maybe it's an island or something we could get to by boat? ) Maybe she will show up in our dream world...
-Agate very nearly convinced me to buy a used wagon. Your skills are astounding.
-Bread and Cheese, I mean truly, the BREAD and the CHEESE
-Gronk's magic storm vs the Sahuagin. It feels like it's been a while since we've had a good, long-lasting magic storm.
-Sarvie's whale plan was pretty solid.
-Very nearly forming a boy band on Friday night (dibs on being the trustyworthy older-brother type)
-Loaning Rhoop the "Noob Hoob", it's a very tangible way to help young adventures.
-It really was good to spend time with everyone. The regulars, traveling players, players that haven't been around in a while, and new folks. This game really is about community and you folks really are amazing.

-Josh C
i agree meeting with old pcs and catching up with them as well as seeing all the new pcs and npcs get into the groove and get involved with the rest of the adventurers. also seeing how plot is getting their feet wet and bringing the group into the world they have created.
-high-fiving leshies
-Baeleon coining the term "saladmanders"
-Hengin's analogical explanation of necromancy to Bruisey
-people patient enough to not beat me up on a hot afternoon (IG or OOG) while I RPd conflicting duties to different nobles
-straight up executing a necromancer with an executionery-looking pollaxe
-everything mentioned above, especially the spending time with everyone. I treasure the time spent both IG and OOG with y'all.
While I did not get much for the live action portion due to having to leave early. I still had a blast and some of the RP was really great.
- I will never forget Hengin's look when I asked why Necromancy is bad...I thought he might kill me.
-All though it was frustrating seeing people touch the Mod cards the scouting mission to find them with The Legendary Peter Dugan, Cass, Baeleon, Sara Fiona, and Hengin was really cool. I loved hearing of their tales of long ago.
-Winning the battle of Whit Friday Night... during Lightning and Durls Duel.
-I really had an internal struggle as I think a few of you know this weekend with the direction I want Bruisey to go, it was fun to roleplay that out with some of you.
I also forgot to say how amazing the rez blanket is! Thanks to all who contributed and Andrea who made it happen!

I also am now the proud owner of a rolling pin weapon! Sweet! Thank you Elise, Ryan, Rynn and Brad!
- mod card exploration and chatting that went with it.
- Day boat fight was really neat mechanic wise
- me hearing, “ how much is a platinum?”, when it was “how much” in regards to refitting. Plat well earned due to poor hearing. Thanks Durl.
- Anti Necromancy thoughts when Mr. Crane came in
- Dinner talks with Reed
- “I’m going to conveniently drop to the ground here” - GRONK. Pause..Beginning refit- Me
- The Whale plan.
- saladmanders
- Resurrecting the Greyblades as the town militia.

Ryan / Cass