August Favorite Moments


Miguel will add in the IBGA and feedback links soon, I'm sure, but just so people have the thread available right away...

Favorite moments! What were your favorite moments and quotes of the event? Share below!
Omg. Such LARP. Many RP. So drama. Wow. I am delighted to say that my return to Alis was wonderful and this game was very relaxing and centering, in a very weird way. ...And I apologize for the screaming; I was in the moment(s). Most of my favorite moments were internal thoughts (I get very deep in character, so my brain sometimes turns into Alis' brain), but here were my few public favorites.

*Chaos Chickens: I distinctly recall Alis turning to Peat Moss and saying "This is absolutely the strangest thing I've ever seen", in the midst of Peat and Percy going absolutely ape **** over how cute the chaos farm beasts were. Weirdos.
*Being asked what the tribe believes about the afterlife and getting the answer from my character rather than myself. I love it when that stuff happens.
*Tea house! I finally got to sneak in a visit and had a very nice roleplay conversation in the process. :)
*(Most favorite): The confrontation and following repentance with Morningtide. Have already thanked Ray privately but DAMN what an intense few moments. I seriously felt like everyone around us had disappeared and it was just our two characters facing off in this completely unexpected moment. I could feel Lagarde standing next to us, but there was too much tension between Eldred and Alis. It was probably the most intense IC moment I've had in a good long while and I am still pretty hyped and shivery about it. I cannot even put into words what transpired or how it felt, it was just amazing that both characters went from a moment wherein they were both like "What the **** are you even doing?" to "This just went way too far" in such a short period was just awesome.
I had a wonderful time.

Special thanks to:

Everyone involved in getting the Mages Guild props set up: Whether you pinned fabric or drove an SUV or simply tolerated me asking about them every fifteen minutes, thank you.

Dani and David: the order cave experience was oddly immersive given that cabins are in general not very crystalline. The ceremony/ritual felt... right. Bravo. Thank you.

Thorgrim, Sagebrush, Wink, Cinder, Tristan, and Cptn Roberts: please consider Aneira for any future entanglement-removal services you may require. Paranoia + intoxicate was a new one for me and I'm grateful I could tag along.

Scions: y'all have a weird view on matchmaking. Thanks for sharing, Izual.

Garian, John, and Casey: thank you for playing Aneira's gloriously tank-tacular creation. Running around with the golem (in all its shapes) was a plan more than 20 months in the making. I couldn't have done it without you.

NPCs/Plot/PCs: thank you all for dealing with the aforesaid creation as we worked out the rules/monster card for it.

P. S. If you want to try the silver tabard on for size, just let me know. I hear it's fun. ;)
This was my first event PCing and after spending a year getting ready to play this character and getting screwed out of attending several times it was nice to just do it. Overall I felt a bit like Phoebe from the Magic School Bus "At my old school we never had goats sold at 1AM, chaos farm animals attack in mass, were hired to bring back rare animals so someone could sketch their 'complicated' parts". By the end I guess Elwin has discovered that the prime export of New Acarthia is poor life choices and its seems to working out well for them so he might as well just accept the madness and try to profit from it.

Some highlights and thank yous:

Firstly I have to thank Will (Capt Roberts to you all) for everything and I do mean everything. From being there to help me find a place in town to actually getting me to try out this crazy LARP thing at all. Without you I'm not here.

Puck you are awesome as all hell. Thank you for putting up with me hanging about all the time, asking seemingly endless questions and inviting me out to tea. I'm looking forward to more tea times in the future, and using you as a tester for all my creations.

Speaking of which here's a highlight: My candy seemed to be a massive hit. It'll be coming back next event in a sexy chocolate covering so if you missed out this time try to get your hands on some next event. In fact it will be there even if I'm not due to work drama.

A big thank you to Ember for letting me join your morning walks. They were instrumental in letting me find my voice as a character. The Elwin concept has changed so much in the year of planning that I was getting a bit of crossfeed from other earlier ideas, just getting to walk and talk really helped get him in line.

The tea house was awesome and I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot more time there. Especially as it gets colder a nice cup of tea and good company is the best way to fend off a chill.

Another shoutout to the Teahouse Kin crew for everything that happened in the Huntsman fight. I was asked to provide healing support for them and it just sort of turned into Elwin going back to his mercenary days and trying to direct the four of them plus Captain Roberts (Who really just does his own thing), keep them all alive, and keep them aware of changes in attacks. It was frantic, my heart was racing every time I lost track of one of them. Anytime I heard a call for a life my heart sank a bit, but damn it they all got through the fight. Thank you all for letting me be a part of that with you, it was probably my highlight of the event.

The midnight under the tavern cavern was pretty awesome. Trying in vain to convince the Captain to wait until he's sobered up to try and tackle the treasure chest, and resigning myself to exploding right along side him as I held the light. I remember hearing Thorgrim drunk and paranoid yelling at Cynder who was trying to do something, I'm not really sure what and finally just yelling "Shut that damn Dwarf up or I'm going to do it myself!" How? I have no idea, but I was trying to keep my friend from blowing himself up.

Lastly a big thank you to the NPC crew for everything you guys do. You are awesome.

All in all this was an excellent event, my favorite that I've attended in my time at Alliance and I can't wait to come back. I'll be taking suggestions and requests for future snacks please keep in mind I need something that I can make portable for my own personal snack bag and easily shared. Looking forward to seeing you all again.
Quite a good event! A lot of good time and roleplay spent with a lot of people that I like a lot!


Getting to sit down at the tea house, relax, and catch up on what is happening in town is awesome! I'm looking forward to having the tea house around every event :)

Return of the chaos goblins! Tim is king at goblin plot. Always so surreal.

Getting to see Aneira's golem in action was awesome, that thing is great!

1am goat shenanigans!

Great elemental mark conversations with Percy, Izual, Puck. Good roleplay that gets me excited for the future!

The hunstman fight was extremely difficult but very satisfying to finish!

I only got to go on one of the Jabbawocky mods, but man it was quite entertaining watching people be flustered.

Having to leave a mage's guild meeting due to a visitor rifting in. Confusing, but fun!

New super-wand is SO much fun to use. Getting to blow up quicklings was a blast!

Bringing the whole town to a goblin village by accident. Oops.
Ya'll are so nice. We loved having all of you at the tea house!!! <3 thank you all so much for stopping by. The Teahouse Kin group had an awesome time this game; all of you coming by and saying HI and helping us out made it happen. Thanks for keeping us alive, entertained, and involved. Really, ya'll are just awesome!!

My personal highlights:

* Watching goblin pit fights and being paid for silence...

* Using shinies (coppers) to distract goblins in one of the final battles so that they were summarily distracted enough to be beaten down!

* All the folks who visited the tea house and were super patient about me being on mods all the darn time!

* Sheep. Sheep everywhere. Angry sheep everywhere. SHOO SHEEP! GIT BACK IN THE DANG BARN.

* Making sure Sage/Wick were kept alive - they literally leapt off into battle and wound up at the front no matter what we did lol

* Meeting all the nobles. Oh my god you have no idea how nervous you all made Thorn, you were all so lovely to her but she is but a simple minded Wylderkin! She was so afraid of offending someone. Instead she was invited to so many things. Thank you <3


OOG I have many plans for tea-haus-ness. I don't know if the tea haus will be around for the current plot seeing as....erm, things are going to change around a lot, but hopefully we will have someplace to serve you guys if not :) :)
Some favorite moments:
-Getting to talk to some fire elemental.
- Getting to hang out with Warchester again, missed you guys.
- Seeing fynn actually use his trap skills.
-Having fun kicking butt again as an archer, after being a healer in the alt campaign.
-Making new friends in my morning walks.
-The hilarious barn animals attack. Honk, mooo, etc...
-Fynn having his own pet spider.
-Practice doing a rez and it becoming a real rez for a goblin. Embers first rez with a goblin talk about strange.
-More fun spreading the passion of dancing with my fav fire dancing MWE, some point I would like to see those skills though :p

-And the most important, hugging a DRAGON!