August Favorites


Really? I get to start this one? Okay....

1.) Monster camp, from the receptions, to the effort, the peerless collaboration, and the joy of being able to contribute a little from out of left field.

2) the commotion upon taking the field Saturday. It sounds corny but it meant allot in a really weird way

3) what happens when you need to run a time mod and the only people left in camp are Will and Joe....

4) Orcish Warlords! The newbie deciding to jump in was my highlight (Analise???)

5) Foot hunting

6) playing Rouge tag back and forth with Balbaines

7) Being able to help with make up. You have to take pride in helping others look good.

8) "he's throwing money as a distraction....and it's working"

9) poison skyhooks, and all the players trying to catch it.

From the players to the npc's to my brethren on staff you have no idea how hard it is going to be for me to miss our next adventure. I hope to see everyone in October!

Joe Siegel
-resident jerk!
This is always a kind of challenge, not to find great things but how to Gate books dome entries so that participants can keep silent what they want to keep sent.

1) Kyle, Grimm is such an enabler.
2) Where are your horns! Why aren't you on the farm!
3) Did Joe just roll an entire mod team by himself....through the Roleplay???
4) Oh, oh, I think that was every button Aggravain had being pushed. It's a baronies right of passage.
5) Shya and Jonathan meeting up again.
6) the NPC rewards at the end of game,
7) Everybody on staff just stepping g up there game. All the NPCs just making the weekends get better by another few notches as the season progresses


Ok, I'm gonna forget a lot, since my brain was really mean to me all weekend.

1- Spontaneous Joeggernaut on Saturday. Not knowing Siegel was on site for him to suddenly show up as a super-baddie was a great effect.
2- Shya back and involved in Nordenn stuff ::dangles pocket watch back in forth in front of her face::'re getting sleepy... you want to stay and have more fun with us... ::lol::
3- Choose your own Adventure mods. Not that we know what we're choosing, but it seemed like there was a nice variety. Sub points? Group one: the Goon Squad, actually choosing what should have been a combat mod, only to find out Amaranthus and Grimm also joined the Nerds for Peace movement on this one. So where I was already planning on going with that, but it's always great to watch Amaranthus in action, even on the non-combat side. Second team- my lowbie squad! So glad you guys had a good time and got to be successful! I was so rooting for you! Third team... changing every 5 seconds... when someone asked, my reply was "When it starts to glow, we're going with whoever's in the room." Of course, when it does start to glow, our hint is "You smell beer." Grimm slams his hand down on the table as if to say, "I got this!!!!" And he did .
4- "Problem Solver Squad" with Ruis and Balbaines. It was great to go do something so hardcore with characters that are so different from mine. It was a special kind of bonding, and thanks for the compliments. "You've got hustle!"
5- Despite losing Saturday, I really liked the fights. Hard but well balanced, and opportunities to do things other than line fighting, which is no one's specialty on Nordenn! Lots of great running around the field, timed well on a virtual armor weekend! Aren't you glad I don't wear Arcane Armor? Also liked breaking out the dual short swords- that's always a good time.
6- Choose your own Adventure wave battles- yeah, I know I already used this pun, but PC control was at an all-time high this event, and it was worth noting. Yeah, we didn't choose the fight or the field, but calling the place was still cool, even when we had to change it.
7- Wedding presents!!! I'm so glad everyone liked them. I already knew Agurzil and Carr were going to, but the looks of delight on the faces of Ruis and Amaranthus too was a special treat. Aelawen doesn't always get to do the more personal stuff.

Sorry if I forgot anybody. My memory is not great to begin with, even when my head doesn't explode.
-Sheila (Aelawen)

Gregor G

I kinda suck at these, but here goes:

1. Wedding, everything everyone said was awesome...
2. Player agency, being able to select almost everything about our weekend was awesome
3. Explaining to Amaranthus who Karr was, then telling him that he had forgotten her... I could barely contain my laughter
4. Everyone on my team telling me I wasn't outside my rights, but I was wrong... It's weird but the way that was handled was perfect in my opinion
5. Ruis and Ag going to do the dumb....
6. Everything Raina this weekend
7. The table that told me they could handle that problem for me if needed.

**8. The amazing NPC's who kept up with our shenanigans... You guys were awesome
The whole weekend was a blast, and it was really exciting to be able to play the reckless Vincent Tarethial again! :D Before I make the list I just wanted to say thank you to all the PCs and NPCs alike, both new and veteran players. Its an honor to be able to play such a fun exciting LARP with you all. Great job team!

Here's the list of my highlights from the event.

Wave Battle plot time failure! It's always a nice slap to the characters egos when stuff gets messed up, and great for RP.

Having Vincent relate to an Orc that lost his tribe, I couldn't believe that we were able to RP our way into completing the mod, especially when you got Joe playing a super intimidating warrior.

Kailaini Feels!!! It had to happen at some point

Playing Datura is always going to be a highlight, I'm loving the suspense of "Whats going to happen next!?" And watching Baron Aggy get nervous anytime the two are face to face :D

Real life Combat knife saving the day!

Went down to the river to find the red flowers, and found all of them within the first two minutes of being down there. Then, I overthink the situation, so I spend another 15 minutes down there, looking around for more.

The looks on some of the PC's faces when they realized Vincent still has the orange eye.

RP with Grimm as always

Getting Waylayed during alchemy roulette, also getting an Intoxicate in round 1.

Avoiding the weddings because the feels!

Getting a super sweet magic item that my character would never use :(

The food! Always!!!


1) boom! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

2) I have to give it up for all the people being my battle bud a List in no paticular order
Ruis-- Idk why but we work well and I can't quantify it easily.
Castlebur- The unspoken plan of lets just hit them alot.
Aelawen- Very good instincts when fighting with a flanker. And yes....That hustle is impressive.
Vincent- Gotta go fast ,gotta shoot more people you make me want to rock a bow.
Murphs- Bad idea generator. one day we are going to do one and then yea...
Karr- Quietly making sure I don't die over and over (I should really pay that S.elf)
GRIM- The hyper combo finish on the Tom monster was epic. Bury him in Skills.

3) Plot stuffs- It is good. Alot of attention to detail with enough random to keep you guessing.

The "map" mods are a interesting idea. Feels very Nintendo esk go to this spot on a map complete the stage go to another spot on the map complete the stage.

I personally love plot letting pcs flounder with poor decisions and the drama that comes from them. How players (and people) handle frustration and failure is so important in the exploration of the pcs personas.

That thing I did in the dark.

That waylay....You know the one.

It was just awesome to see Shya.

The Wedding and the cakes and cookies.

The tiny interaction at breakfest over bacon with Amaranthus. Perfectly played.

Tons more too. Cant have good events with out plot and a good pc base. I had fun hope you did.


Lots been happening with me, so sorry I got to this late, but I didn't want to miss posting, even if I'm a week late.

Thank you everyone, I know my return was unplanned and abrupt, but everyone made me feel welcome and at home. Thank you, truly.

NPC camp, goodness gracious did you rock it! So many fights, so much wearing out everything I had, and still running to give us more to face. You guys were stelllar, thank you :D

Plot: I loved how interactive plot was this time. It was fun to try to handle timing ourselves, and to throw people at tasks as we get them. Also thanks for letting me flounder around with my mental shenanigans <3 I know I can be rather off book with my ideas sometimes, and having them actually happen and have both positive and negative consequences was awesome! You guys are great!

Ok, on the pc side, and little moments:

-Getting to be the timer for some things (the teleporting rocks), and prepping people for it. Casually passing by the kitchen, freaking out, and trying to just as casually tell people we only had a half hour left was a stone elf test indeed. Squire Newheron (I dont know how its spelled Im so sorry please correct me) and I just panicked together every now and then.
-goodness gracious those frigging rocks, just the feeling of dread and sadness that hit when we 'wasted' one to go to a place protected by Kai. Holding Ruis as we both seethed, and wanted to cry, such emotions!
-Giving Ruis a heart attack 5 minutes later because she thought Kar was gonna go out like Kai did. Watching people rush over and get very serious when they realise just WHAT Kar and Amaranthus did to charge that freaking rock.
-Goodness gracious, I have to say, we keep hitting new situations between Kar and Sir Amaranthus. Watching Amaranthus explain what they did, and what it cost, and the unacceptability of another failure, and the way everyone including Kar ran that second pillar fight. Oof. Then having him forget her for a little while. Every time I think we've gotten to the point of stability something else happens and lovely rp happens between them. Thank you.
-YAY I got told to go to squire training! :D Such excite! I always love discussing the ups and downs of the code.
-Balbanes, Thorn, Ruis, Baron Agg, you were all so sweet and loved. Every time Kar was broken I could look up and see you guys quietly checking in, making sure I was able to handle what was happening.
(Side note: Nicole proving herself to be a good backpack and keeping up with both Kar and Amaranthus -not an easy thing to do!-)

-Vincent, steadily placing himself like a freaking shadow/wall between Kar and things that try to kill her. Need to spend more time with you. I know Kar could use it when she's not running after everyone.

There were so many little moments, so many little things, like Dude Mc Shady Pants, the vulture we all agreed was shady and all went with anyway. So many moments when emotions were high, and when jokes and lessons happened by accident. Thank you everyone for excellent rp, and a great event.

(I'm sure there are more things I am forgetting, so please forgive my goldfish brain :) can't wait to see you all at the next one)