August individual tourney


Single fighter combat
Single caster combat
Archery Battle
Sapper supreme
Circle of riddles.
Mallet and hoops (croquet)
Bean bag toss (Corn hole)
Entertainment-at the feast (Dinner
Desserts -at the feast (Dinner

Single fighter combat- Single hit/flurry/landed blow and step back, ties scores for both sides, first to 10 hits wins. Double elimination brackets.

Single caster combat- 10, 15, 20 feet caster duel with mana. 5 packets per round. Incants will be enforced.

Archery- targets at 10, 15, 20. 5 packets per round.

Sapper supreme- nimble fingers compete to untie series of knots. Fastest compete for second and third rounds.

Jousting- Knights, squires, and those that would like to try their luck. 3 person teams. Two people pull their third team mate to use lance to hit target. First team to hit the target on each pass wins a point, three passes per match.

Entertainment: Singing, dancing, storytelling. The judges choose the best of the contestants

Desserts: sumptuous sweets, tantalizing treats, exceptional eats. The judges choose the best of the contestants. Contestants please be kind and minimize the impact to the kitchen staff


Single caster combat- 10, 15, 20 feet caster duel with mana. 5 packets per round. Incants will be enforced.

By enforcing incants, are we casting five spells at each other per round? What exactly are the winning terms (bound silenced etc) Are 9th circle spells bring restricted? Is high magic being permitted, ie can use of augmentation bypass incantation requirements? Are spells required or is channel pool accepted? Are protectives allowed, either before the round or as one of the 5 spells?

Thanks in advance.


Sorry for the delay in answer.

1) Shields will not be restricted. This is a test of speed and skill.

2) Much like the weapon portion of the tourney, it will be speed and accuracy. The 'Incant' in question will be given at the contest, will have no damage or effect, and will not drain anything from memory, scroll, or device. The casters will have 5 pieces of mana each. And in reference to the first question, I doubt we will be seeing over sized shields in this part of the competition. :)