August - Treasure Bag


Here is the general overview on how treasure bag works.

What is treasure bag?
Treasure bag is a way of distributing treasure from our large field battles to the entire populous in a fair manner without being overly complex.

Who is in charge of treasure bag?
There is no one “in charge” per say. The team this month is comprised of Emaric, Ember, and Panax. We are looking for more volunteers to help out in the future. If interested, come talk to us. If you don’t know who they are, ask around, they will show you what the treasure bag looks like and who is carrying it.

Do I have to do treasure bag?
Nope, it’s completely optional. But on the other hand if you choose not to participate, no double dipping. Meaning, don’t decide to do it for one battle where you don’t personally loot anything good and then opt out the one time you loot a magic item. That’s just not nice. In or out, that’s our motto.

How does it work?
Basically everyone throws all the treasure into a bag from a large battle where we declare treasure bag is in place. If you are in the battle you put the name on a list after the battle. The treasure gets all changed out to coin and then everyone that was on the list gets a cut of the coin.

What is my responsibility in the treasure bag?
Your responsibility is to make sure that your name gets on the list after each big battle so you can get a share of the treasure. If you want, you can have one person on your team to write down your name, but if it doesn’t get on there because your friend forgot to write it down, please don’t come complaining to us. :) You then are responsible for picking up your share (or having your team pick it up) before we leave Sapphire Keep on Sunday.

If you are interested in buying out any battle magic scrolls, weapons, components, armor, potions, or alchemy, you need to come see the person doing the treasure split immediately after the fight.

If you are interested in bidding on any of the larger items (formal scrolls, catalysts, magic items), then you need to show up for the auction. The auction time and process is listed below. We will attempt to announce what dropped as soon as it is IDed. At any point you are welcome to come ask what dropped to anyone doing the treasure bag.

When will auctions happen?
Auctions for large items will happen at 9:45 am on Sunday in the town hall. If there is a fight on Sunday morning after the normal auction time, we will attempt to do those auctions immediately afterwards. If we absolutely do not have time on Sunday, we will move auctions to either the dreamrealm or to the next gather.

If you can’t be at the auction (you need to leave site), you can leave a max bid for the item with the treasure bag people. They will autobid you up to your max amount that you request. You will just need to insure that you leave the gold for that item with someone if you are leaving site. Or you can always have someone else bid for you.

What types of items will be auctioned off?
Battle magic scrolls, components, alchemy, non-magic weapons, armor, potions, and such will be changed to coin as soon after a big battle as possible. Just come buy them out for their base value or else we will have a merchant sell them for coin. Components we will just go around really quickly and do a quick bid on them after each battle.

Formal Scrolls, catalysts and magic items will be auctioned off on Sunday morning at 9:45 am. We will do an open bidding on them. If you are interested, please show up (or send someone to the auction) with the gold on you. We will announce what items dropped in what battle, please use the honor system and only bid on items that you were there for (unless you are bidding for another person that was there, that’s okay).

Sometimes special items will drop (artifacts). Those will be handled on a case by case basis and do not fit into the normal process. We will try and have full disclosure about these types of items.

When do I get paid?
We are going to try and just pay out everyone on Sunday to make it a little easier. We will see how that goes. If that doesn't work for you, come talk to us, we can make arrangements. If you have to leave early, we will hold over your split for one month, and if you still don’t come pick it up, we will put it back into the pot.

What if there is leftover change from treasure bag?
Sometimes we can’t split completely fairly, in that case if there is a bit of extra change, it will just go back in the treasure bag to help make change. Once we have a small reserve to make change, if we have any leftover (usually it is just a few spare copper because we can’t easily split between the copper remaining and the amount of people we have in the battle) we will find a way to donate it back to the town (the team will find a fair way to get back to help the town to help the populous).

Is this going to be perfect?
Nope, too many variables. We will try and be open and fair about the process but there may be times we have to make calls that change the process slightly. We will try and do our best job at announcing those changes and soliciting ideas. The best way you can keep informed is to ask questions and be involved in the process. This process is still changing and we are working trying out different things to see how it works.

Some might question whether this is the most fair way of handling treasure, and that is a very debatable question. It is still a work in progress and we welcome suggestions from all citizens of New Acarthia on how to make it better but also keep it simple.

I accidentally messed up and added one of my personal items / some of my treasure into the treasure bag, can I get it back?
We are reasonable people, and will give people the benefit of the doubt and help fix any issues you might have made.

If I have a problem with something regarding treasure bag, whom do I bring issues to?
Please bring it to any of the people helping out with treasure bag. If you don’t feel comfortable bringing it to them, you are free to tell any noble your concern and they can come talk to us.
Here are the outstanding splits

Fletch 356
Torin 206
Yurig 223
Aelyn 356
Ark 28
Aspen 73
Barbara 356
Brannan 28
Damien 73
Darendar 356
Demvarien 206
Griswald 233
Hyro 356
Kasuni 356
Lelona 133
Nauvixzy 133
Noel 28
Odo 73
Orsolya 73
Plair 133
Tevasti 133
Thern 73
Torren 28
Valdyr 73
Maybe when we cast a town ritual (e.g. the Haven of the Living now on the town hall) we can reimburse those who contributed reagents from the stock gathered from the town-wide battles. It might make it easier to gather the necessary components quickly if people knew they would get reimbursed.
That's a great idea Aneira!
At the end of the last gather there were some components that were set aside for those that had been set aside to reimburse those that supported the Hayven of the Living. Goodman Belswin is the point of contact for those materials unless they were stored with the bag and I will get those out to you when I arrive at next gather.
Guildmistress Aneira, I think this is a fantastic idea. We will starting implementing it during the October Gathering. Please try to include a member of the Treasure Bag group in these castings so we can reimburse as quick as possible.

Goodman Belswin