Available from the Mages Guild


The Imperial Mages Guild: Wyndael Guild Circle,

Would like to remind the citizens of Wyndael that magical identification, ritual casting, and merchant services are available upon request. Relevant pricing is available at the Guild Hall.

At this time the following battle magic scrolls are available for sale:

2nd Circle: Magic Armor x4

Shield x2

4th Circle: Awaken x5

Flame Bolt x4

6th Circle: Sleep x6

8th Circle: Dragon’s Breath x1

Reflect Magic x1

Also, at this time the following Ritual Reagents are available for sale:

Fangtooth x2

Heartstone x2


Penna x2

Additionally, the following elementally charged wands are available without special order:

Flame x3

Stone x1

Members of the Guild in good standing are offered first priority in purchases of available goods, but all are welcome. Ask a Guild Member about the benefits of membership and join today!

Members in good standing:

High Mage Rett Syllas, Ranking Member

Sorcerer Greysen McAllister

Mage Jantis Ehrlich

Journeyman Faruq Nusar

Journeyman Mari Mel’Vinora

Apprentice Gregor of Wyndael


Gettysburg Staff

I am always looking to buy and sell. Please feel free to speak with me, Keegan O'Connell, if you wish to conduct some business. I have items to trade and sell and coin to buy.

Yours in Service,

Keegan O'Connell
Golden Gryphon Trading Company
Sorceror Greyson McAlister:

Are there costs to reserve a Ward from the Mages guild?

Mardex Gr'th Snowfang
Councilmember of Wyndael