Back story and characther build


This is what I have so far.

When young Lincon was a boy he was taken In by some Dwarves To work the mines. His parents had been killed when he was very young by the Corupt. He was then cared for by his aging grandpa who had a gambling problem and got into some trouble with his debts and to settle these debts he sold Lincon of to these dwarves. all Lincon remembers is these Dwarves lived many mists away. Lincon doesn't like to talk about this time in his life but it had a very formative impact on his view of the world and dwarves, because of being forced to work the mines from such a young age Lincon does not like small spaces he has a very big problem with them also with crowds and feeling trapped. Lincon did pick up the gambling from his grandfather and likes playing liars dice and cards. Lincon is uneasy when around Dwarves he is known to start reaching for his sword when uneasy or in an uncomfortable situation. He never really grew up with a great male role model and never had his fathers approval and now seeks to win his fathers approval as he watches him from beyond in his braveness in battle and loyalty to those he is with.

First Build for a Barb Fighter
Shield, One hand edged, and Blacksmith or first aid.

So far I have a tunic and brown scrub pants. Looking to get some armor and phys rep stuff but working on a budget of about 150 or so

Gandian Ravenscroft

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Judging by your mention of the Corrupt, it sounds like you're probably going to be a Southern Minnesota player, so welcome from a fellow SoMN guy! :)

All in all, I think that's a perfectly reasonable backstory for you to come into game with. It gives you a bit of background, helps define some character traits, and leaves things open-ended enough that there's room for both you and plot to grow once you actually get involved in more stuff. If you haven't already, you could check out the SoMN Race Packets for Barbarians and Dwarves for a bit more background on each of the races for even more inspiration when it comes to the specific Sheltered Lands setting.


Another barbarian! You have no idea how excited I am for another one to finally show up! I'm another Southern Minnesota player myself and probably the only Barbarian in regular attendance. My two cents is to check out the Southern Minnesota Players Handbook.( ) It has a lot of good general information and a repetitively up to date history of the happening of the Sheltered Lands. My other recommendation is to take Blacksmith over first aid. As a fighter myself I've found the ability to refit my own armor to be invaluable. I would recommend to pick up first aid some time down the road but I think you'll have a much more enjoyable experience being able to refit youre own armor.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me a PM. :)


I'm thinking of changing the name to Brusi Foemangler. Pronounced brew sea


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Sounds like a nice easy backstory that will give you a decent direction to start RPing right when you get into it. As others have said I highly recommend checking out the players handbook that the plot team have created to help give you some direction.

Have a great time playing a Barbarian is SoMN. The have some great stuff build into their world for your to sink your teeth into and really enjoy as a savage race. I played a barbarian in the chapter for the first 5 (ish?) years and always had a great time interacting with the story! If you are still playing in a year or so maybe I will get to meet you :p I moved out of state but still miss my ol' home chapter!