Bal Daruhm

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**This would have happened in game about a week ago.**

Kainah lead the smaller caravan up the small winding path. Heading here was a bit out of the way, but it was the safest place to go until Haven sent word that they were ready for the group that she was bringing with her to run the gauntlet. The place that she was bringing the group was one that was a bit secluded. She first found it almost 200 years ago while doing a survey of the surrounding lands around Haven. It was important to the Sentinels that they routed out those who were remaining too close to the city, fearing an attack. She could understand the caution, her own people kept themselves rather secluded when all possible.

When she had first came to this place, she was in a scouting group of six people. They had actually come across it accidentally when they were trying to get back to Haven when a sudden storm came in and make them need to find shelter. She continued up the game trail that was along the side of a cliff face until she found the door. A large stone thing that was sealed tightly when she first found it, now she was surprised to find it open. Dread went through her, were they followed, did the Marrah somehow get in front of them? She signalled for the group to hold. Anything could be in there and she didn’t want to potentially lead these people into a trap.

She remembered the layout. Behind these doors was a large hall that would have acted as and entryway but with defences against the walls that would have been impressive to see in action against any foe who would have dared to try and take the city. Thought it was set up as a marketplace when she was there last. Further in were tunnels that were in the beginning stages of being beautifully carved into large hallways but for now were mostly roughed out. It was in the living quarters that they found a diary that told the story of the city. Bal Daruhm, it was to be called. The first completely dwarven settlement here, but then the war started and the titans came up from the depths killing as they climbed towards the surface. Destroying any crops that had been cultivated in the short while as the city was being built. The lands outside burned and the people were left with the choice of staying and starving or going out in the world and trying to survive. Many chose the latter and sealed the doors in hopes of keeping what remained safe for when the fighting ended. It seemed that they had never made it back.

Alone she snuck forward to the entrance and could hear some whispering inside. Too many voices and not enough light to get a good enough sense of the threats, she held back for a moment looking back at her people. Were they ready for another fight? She was weighing the pros and cons of further sneaking in and risking getting caught when some rocks shifted and slid down the cliff face and laned right next to her. A human and an elf came out of the entrance to investigate but caught sight of her before she could get out of the way. “Damn it all” she thought to herself as she raised her hands to show that she was currently unarmed, her shield left behind with the group and her sword was still in its sheath. These people weren’t Marrah and she was frankly interested to see who had taken up residence in this half-built city.

“I am Kaniah Grovechild of Haven. I mean you no harm.” She said to the two before her. Taking a good look at them she could see that they looked almost as rough as her group of people. It was clear that they have been having as hard of a time as they have been.

“Rain, go and fetch Ararnus,” The elf said calling over his shoulder to inside. Kaniah could hear the skittering of footsteps running off inside but couldn’t make out anyone. “We were expecting someone from Haven, wasn’t expecting that person to come alone.” He said looking her up and down sizing up the potential threat.

Kaniah herself wasn’t worried about it anymore though she now knew who these people were. “I’m probably not the person from Haven who you are expectin’ but I imagine that I won’t be too much a sight for sore eyes.” She kept her hands visible. The last thing she needed was some jumpy sentries to start attacking her when she knew that her people were close by watching what was happening.

She could tell that there was more that the guards wanted to say but a large dwarven man came up behind them and any potential arguments stopped. “Kaniah, you old witch, your still alive!” he cheerily greeted.

Kaniah laughed with a tinge of bitterness, “Just about. Almost wasn’t, I’ll tell you about it latter over a strong ale. It seems that you and I had the same idea and remembered this ruin. It seems like your journey has been as difficult as mine.”

Ararnus grumbled, “Is that so? Well bring in your charges from where you have them stashed. We don’t have much but we should have enough to feed ya. I assume that you plan on staying here until the next phase?”

“That was the plan yes, but I also expected this place to be empty.”

Ararnus waved his hand, “There’s plenty of room and were probably safer together. Besides, they are all after the same thing. To earn a spot in Haven.”

Kaniah nodded her head and waved her hand forward and slowly her group caught up with them. She could see the look of concern on their faces. And knew that she needed to put them at ease. “This is Ararnus Ashhide, and old friend of mine. His people have been going through the same things that you have. Go get inside and don’t try and kill anyone.”
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