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    So last year I had a rope belt that was just braided rope tied in a square not in front. I ran into problems with it staying tied anybody have any good suggestions on a cool barbarian belt. I was thinking a leather lifting belt would be cool but not sure how to attach my pouches to that. Also I am alarge dude I have like a 44" waist so something that I can find in such a large size is difficult as well because I needed like 72" of rope to get a good length to tie.
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    If you went the leather lifting belt option, you could mount D rings onto it, and use those to hang pouches from with clips. Or mount (ie rivet) sections of belt width leather straps to it and have one end a buckle so you can slip the pouches on and off the straps. Basically it would be modifying the lifting belt to suit your needs and prevent you spending a bazillion dollars on the same thing from Etsy. Though, the modifications would all depend on how thick the lifting belt is and whether or not you can get a(n appropriately sized) rivet or Chicago screw through it.
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