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This is the last of the Baronies for the County of Brigosa- This is the in-game information for the new Alliance Denver Larp World for the upcoming campaign.

We are changing these to one post a month with information about the territory and what to expect in those areas.

Here is the link for the Baronies in each County in the Duchy of Tieveth
County of Brigosa
Barony of Drewynn:
Barony of Blackmoor:
The District of Portunis:
Barony of Astelan:

County of Ellowi
Barony of Thialor: Coming in July 2021
Barony of Caloam: Coming in August 2021
Barony of Pendallen: Coming in September 2021
Barony of Falconhurst: Coming in February 2021

County of Galiseth
Barony of Westbeach: Coming in November 2021
Barony of Durrani: Coming in December 2021
Barony of Lothaudith: Coming in January 2021
Barony of Hoeveth: Coming in October 2021

A HUGE Thank you goes out to the World Building/Plot Team for all of their hard work and their brainpower to get this off the ground. Our volunteers, staff, and organizers have created some of the greatest stories I've had the pleasure of being part of. This was created first with Ragrum, we had so much fun with this location and the others fell into place easily.

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The Barony of Astelan



The southeast Sea of Rowca is rough sailing, filled with deceptively deep whirlpools and jagged, rocky shoals that make seaborn travel from Ragrum to Merrowloch dangerous. The northern edge of this Barony is in constant movement with each incoming ship and is scented with fresh spices and seafood daily. It is known for Heptade of Se7ven Rum, The Festival of Elders, and its glass-bottom boats for traversing The Lion’s Tail River which starts in the Barony and travels into the far eastern parts of Nydabeth.

Capital: Merrowloch
Leadership: Mariun Osburg of the 6th circle of the Path of Nobility
Population: 5 Cities worth
Major Philosophy: Dutiful Meritocracy
Major Societies: Privateers/Pirates/Custodians of the Shining City
Major Commodities: Alcohol/Black market goods/Prostitution/Glass bottom boats/Trade/Sugar/Rice/Tea/Sake/Rum
Heraldic Colors: Green, Purple, Yellow

Barony of Astelan.png


If in the northern edge, the inhabitants wear tighter pants, keeping their legs safe from the ropes of the ships as they navigate the fierce Sea of Rowca. Hair is usually kept long with braids and beads entangled within.
In the southern part of Astelan, they usually wear off-white or pale toned attire, which hides the sugar cane and/or quarry dust. Most people from this territory know well the hard work that comes from respecting traditions.


The Festival of Elders
Location: Ragrum
Time: Feb/March
It's a holiday with relatively young roots, but today it is mostly associated with parades, telling jokes, rights of passage, new drinks and food, and contests/prizes. This Festival has become known all over the realm, it is held in Ragrum with gambling halls, Rum tastings, and deals made by Heads of Influence groups as well as those unaligned. If you attend, wear a mask, bring your coin and spend the weekend!

Harvest of the Cane
Location: Se7ven
Time: Late Fall
A celebration and week-long harvest of the chief fuddling they make in the area, known as Rumbullion, alias Aliment-Kill, and this is made of sugar cane distilled, a hot and wicked liquor.

The Candi Festival
Location: Se7ven
Time: Every 2 years in late spring
The Candi Festival is hosted by the Iekor Family. It's a holiday with time lost roots, but today it is mostly associated with traditional hairstyling, candy, and taffy making as well as leaving fae offerings at the edge of Forest of Thialor.



Leadership: Halrih Mortcombe of the 5th Circle of the Path of Nobility (female)(Sylvanborne)
Notable Societies: Pirates (several groups/fleets)/Privateers
Population: Two Cities Worth
Commodities: Black Market goods/Alcohol/Prostitution/Trade
Notable NPC’s:

Pirate Captain Ilia 'The Mermaid' Klark of the trader turned pirate of the ship, Clexa. She is one of the few still alive capable of traversing those dangerous waves with ease. Etched into her flesh are scars that reach from just under the right eyebrow, running towards the tip of the nose and ending on her left cheekbone and leaving a compelling memory of her fortunate past.

Shimmunas, Entrepreneur and rumored criminal fence- A wizened old Kyn, ex-pirate and current merchant of “unusual artifacts and relics”, Shimmunas owns a prominent shop, The Whistling Mirror- off the docks of Ragrum.

Ludrona Zeeka, a sea elven courtesan at The Vengeful Lantern Inn, the most popular tavern in Ragrum. Not just a courtesan, she is the courtesan in Ragrum, capable of anticipating a customer’s fantasies and desires before even the customer knows they exist.


The sound of wood being hammered down with reused nails reverberates through the bustling town. Worn dock boards always seemed to be replaced, the saltwater and constant traffic caused them to fall apart faster than anywhere else in the realm. As ships empty of their sailors, sea legs seek solid ground as they weave their way into the streets of Ragrum, disappearing into the many buildings full of treasures and pleasures they seek.
Originally established as a small fishing village, Ragrum was gradually taken over by nobles needing a strategic point with access to the sea. This, in turn, allowed them to address the issues inherent with the pirate-controlled town of Oakenport.
Over time, the pirates took advantage of their ties to the Privateers, perhaps as they themselves became privateers, to infiltrate the infrastructure of Ragrum. This allows the pirates to gain a temporary safe harbor into Ragrum to spend their ill-gotten gains.

Ragrum POI

The Vengeful Lantern Inn, the most popular tavern in Ragrum. As you enter the tavern through the hard wooden door, you're welcomed by laughing voices and joyful music. The bartender is engaged in a conversation but still manages to welcome you with a smile.
It's as charming inside as it is on the outside. Glass and white stone pillars support the upper floor and the dancing candlelight fixtures attached to them. The walls are overflowing with signatures and drawn maps with strange languages, undoubtedly from frequent customers.
The tavern itself is packed. Sailors seem to be the primary clientele here, which is probably the best clientele for the owner. Several long tables are occupied by locals, travelers, foreigners, and anybody else who wishes to join. The other, smaller tables are also occupied by people who are probably starting to reach the point of having drunk too much, though nobody seems to mind. Even most of the stools at the bar are occupied, though nobody seems to mind more company.
Signature Drink: Beloved Brew - Se7ven Spiced Rum and Rice milk
Best House dish: Fish and Chips

The Whistling Mirror- Located off the docks of Ragrum, a shop of unusual artifacts and relics. From the outside, this shop looks impressive. It has been built with wheat-colored bricks and has yellow pine wooden decorations. Large, triangular windows add to the overall style of the shop and have been added in a very symmetric way.
The building is shaped like a T. The two extensions are linked by a patio circling around half of it. The roof is high and rounded and is covered with red ceramic tiles. One large chimney pokes out the center of the roof. Several small windows let in just enough light to the rooms below the roof.

The Cruel- A sunken ship off the coast of Ragrum turned into an intimate, small restaurant that is for romantic dinners, clandestine meetings and can be rented out in full for a night. They are only open during The Festival of Elders and the summer months.
Signature Drink: Sesame by the Sea - served in a coupe made from Merrowloch Glass with kelp spirits and citrus.
Best House Dish: Kelp Noodles in Peanut-Miso Sauce

Fulgurite Forest - East of Ragrum - West of Merrowloch Stories about this area between Ragrum and Merrolock are shrouded in mystery. Fulgurite towers from the ground like trees that have survived years. Some stand fifteen feet tall and get taller with each lightning storm that seems to focus upon this patch of sand. There are stories of the creature in the Fulgurite Forest that has claimed many that try to come deep within the forest.


Leadership: Biranda Desans of the 5th Circle of the Path of Nobility
Notable Societies: Custodians of the Shining City
Population: Two Cities Worth
Commodities: Charter Boats/Glass Bottom Boats/Rice Production
Notable NPC’s:

Biranda Desans - Easily the most influential and important person in Merrowloch, as she controls all of the inland sea traffic that comes through this port city. Biranda is as beautiful as she is tempestuous.

Brannkin Bronzetide - AKA The Mackerel, An underground broker of the information who started his career as a street urchin, living in the filthy streets of Merrowloch. He quickly found he had a nose for trouble and a knack for language. He managed to stair-step his way up from low-life pickpocket to thief and burglar. The Mackerel is a slimy Human with a horribly skewed moral compass and a reputation for getting the job done, no matter the price.

Custodians of the Shining City- This group was started during the time of Tobin Page, head of the city guard that passed laws for cleanliness and expectations of a city whose “Walls would mirror the diamond fields”. Wearing dark blue robes and black gloves, they travel the city inspecting, cleaning, and recruiting those for the CSC.


Sitting on the mouth of the Lion’s Tail River, this became the ideal place for the baronial seat. Able to control the traffic going into and out of the river, thus also able to levy taxes on that passage. The city itself is incredibly beautiful, as the city overlooks the sea from upswept cliffs, and waterfalls from the loch of the river. The pure white walls of the prominent buildings reflect back the shining sun, illuminating the city as a bright beacon. The city looks incredibly clean, as the Custodians of the Shining City keep the streets not only free of debris but of vagrants as well. Merrowloch is also very well known for producing shallow bottom boats capable of travel deep inland and is the baronial seat for the Barony of Astelan, hosting the Desans estate on a small outcrop of land that provides the best view of the city.

Merrowloch POI

The Crescent Moon - Shae Aelynthi, sole proprietor of The Crescent Moon, A female elf and retired adventurer that came to Merrowloch, and seeing a culinary void, opened a restaurant. She has done quite well for herself over the many years it has been open and operating, gladly catching business coming in off the Sea of Rowca and travelers wanting a quick bite before heading inland along The Lion’s Tail River.
Signature Drink
: The Captain - After Captain Lorcan Mortcombe
Best House dish: Fish and Chips

The Diving Bell Tavern - Some parents desire to leave behind treasures and homes for their children. However, when two glassmakers fall in love, they make their children home on the edge of the sea with walls made of glass. This tavern sits on the western side of Merrowloch, it was once the home of Bo and Lisbeth Bell, now turned into a tavern by their offspring: Bodil Bell. The views under the water allow for enjoyment while dining. There is not a bad seat in the house!
Signature Drink: The Southside - Loch Saki with citrus and mint
Best House dish: Fresh sushi and sashimi

Troy Shipyard - Glass boats are made and set to the sea from this shipyard located on the east side of Merrowloch, it is a beautiful sight, though a dangerous one to traverse, most creators and visitors wear masks to protect their lungs from airborne glass.

Merrowloch Glass - Glass used and taken from the Fulgurite Forest has been known to be used as special reflectors of the seers. Many of the wealthy and spirited members of Nydabeth use Merrowloch glass for visions and to showcase their wealth.

New Dawn Meadows Rice farms - The largest rice farms in the realm are found outside of Merrowloch, they create the following items:
Loch Sake
Rice bread
Rice Milk
Rice Noodles


Leadership: Emmote Trigla of the 5th Circle of the Path of Nobility
Notable Societies:
Two Village Worth
Commodities: Limestone
Notable NPC’s:

Tedrin Shatterstone - Has been the Foreman of the rock quarry for several years. He is gruff, to the point, and constantly prowls the quarry to keep work on time. He does not care for outsiders and rarely allows visitors who might disrupt his strict deadlines. The workers defer to him for anything official and appear to hold him in some type of reverence for his ability to identify the finest quality materials and sources of stone. Tedrin appears to be unconcerned with the history of the limestone or their spirit-infused nature, though he is adamant that any future orders of limestone be thoroughly checked to minimize the movement of any remains.


The town was built on the limestone of a rock quarry, which was really the bones that were in the rocks of a long-lost civilization. The ghosts remained with their bones, so the town has been said to be very spirit-infused. Until a prolific necromancer, Crakras Naxxremis (Biata) (Male), found the abilities of the stone in the rock quarry of Rockpost. Legend states he had extensive ability to manipulate the spirits of the dead and created an army that was set to destroy the realm in the image of subservience to him and his family. He was the father of fifteen known children, all with agendas that mirrored his own. Before his supposed death, he had created a ritual that removed the spirits of the living and used them to hunt and destroy the people he took them from. During his destructive time, he obliterated generations of entire families.

The town of Rockpost is protective of others entering their area, hoping to protect them from remaining spirits and residual effects that were caused by Crakras. This territory is filled with tales of hauntings and strange sightings, it has also created a culture of the most protective and generational sense of duty of any people in Nydabeth.

Superstitions: Beds must be made from wood since it is tradition to burn the bed of a deceased person. It's supposed to prevent the spirit of the deceased from trying to return.

Unusual Law: This territorial law dictates all those found guilty of pretending to be a ghost will face the punishment of a heavy fine and possible moderate-term exile.

Rockpost POI

Heading into this town from every direction is a large rock that blocks the view of the town. The road seems to stop at the rock. When you go around it, the road is dug up but the town can be seen ahead.

There are no taverns or local gathering places in Rockpost. The residents are welcoming and willing to allow people to stay in their homes, however, they are encouraged to move along quickly.

Leadership: Garrat Myles of the 5th Circle of the Path of Nobility.
Notable Societies:
Two Village Worth
Commodities: Sugar growers/Rum - Heptade of Se7ven/Thialor Tea/Candy

Gliwarg Iekor - 7th generation sugar crafter from the town of Se7ven.


Forged on the western side of Astelan. This town wasn't built here by accident as it has fertile soils, which is of great importance to the people of Se7ven for the fertile soils to grow sugar cane. Se7ven has a prospering economy, their biggest strengths are rum and candy making, they are situated at the main trading crossroad and supply rum to many of the surrounding baronies. The city itself looks beautiful. With its spruce wood rooftops, ebony wood walls, and everclear night sky, Se7ven has an enthralling atmosphere.

Se7ven POI

The Candi Crafter- The sweet scent of pulled sugar drifts from this shop in the middle of Se7ven, between two nondescript taverns. It is run by the Iekor family, Gilwarg Iekor Is 7th generation sugar crafter from the town of Se7ven. His family began crafting these candies and create medicinal, treats and syrups for the realm. They have perfected the process and supply a multitude of different types of candies, there is almost always a line outside of the shop so make sure you come early.

Rum Fields and Distillery - Outside of Se7ven there were fields as far as the eye could see. All around are deer and sheep lounging outside the fencing in the tranquil pastures, and passing field after field runs a dusty old road.
The road stopped at a scenic factory guarded by several excited dogs. The building was rebuilt not too long ago, and thus showed no signs of weathering or aging. Several tall silos held sugar and sugar cane, large carts were parked beneath a rickety roof, and a small guesthouse stood to the side of the main farmhouse like a miniature copy. The farm had a delightful feel to it, it was a combination of the tranquil landscape and the isolation of the farm within these lush fields.
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