Basic female wardrobe

Here are some awesome, simple patterns and pattern generators for your first garb. Most of these are period, take less cloth than a modern pattern, are easier to sew, and simpler to modify. Tunic how-to. A hood! Very good for when you want your head and shoulders warm and covered, but you don't want to catch packets A good undergown if you want to wear a dress. You can shorten it if you want what is effectively a tunic generator.

My general advice is either buy patterns that have nice, clear instructions, or if you want to draft patterns, stick with rectangles, triangles, and circles. It's hard to screw those up, and generally you can re-use the larger pieces of fabric easily if you find you don't like the result.

An easy trick for a skirt is to find a round tablecloth with a radius of about your hip-to-floor measurement, cut a hole the size of your hips in the middle, sew it to a waistband and run some elastic through it. It's pre-hemmed and drapes wonderfully.

Lanna Rose

Public Relations Committee
I play a gypsie so That being said....

I tend to wear layers....lots and lots and lots of layers. Some times I start with a nice pair of leggings and then wear a short skits with a skirtted bodice ((SP?)) Over the whole things. Some times it a bunch of skirts... Being a Scholar I'm normaly in the back and dont have to dodge many packets. I'm the one throwing them! ^.^

Also I'm bringing out an Elf. For her she's a fighter. So I'm trying to stay away from skirts unless I feel the need to wear one. Being in afghanistan right now I've had the ability to see some of the local wear of Muslim clothes. It's really neat. But the men wear a really really niffty pants and long shirt outfit that I got two of....I'm going to have to do some tayloring to the pants but they're so cool! Also I'm gonna have some shorts and leggings to wear in the warmer weather.

I'm gonna be hopping around this year so I hope that we run into eachother at some point.

Also cloaks are a MUST have. I have two for my gypsie...One pretty summer one....and soon to be a really really really nice cold weather one. Fleese and some type of water proof cloth is a life saver...But no matter the weather I ditch it when combat starts....I just can't throw with a cloak on....>.<

Good luck!