Basic Introduction to Undead Saturday 04/14



In association with the Barstowe New Leaf Academy, I will be presenting a basic primer on undead, undeath and the causes and cures therein at the sign of the Five Crowns.

The lecture will take place Saturday, April 14 10618, around the lunchtime hour. If there is a pressing martial engagement, the lecture will be moved forward to intersect with memorization in the evening.

Please bring writing implements if you are able, to take notes for yourself or for your companions who are unable to do so, and be sure to note any questions you have for the question and answer session afterward. Questions, comments and corrections will be addressed following the main lecture.

Lady Vellis Valeriana Tsalarioth

Squire to Baron Sir Marcus Husarri Saephis of House Phoenix
Lecturer and Scribe of the New Leaf Academy
Member of the Royal Earth Guild of Stradyn
Earthen Journeyman of the Earthen Eye Magisterium of the Aquilix of the Odekrag
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