Beg, Borrow, and Steal for August event!


Good evening,

I will be travelling from Seattle and will not have my standard weapons or shield available. I am 90% sure that Adam P. has a shield for me to use, however, I am in need of a weapon. If anyone has anything extra that is of decent quality that would be amazing! Beggars can't be choosers, but I figure I would try to avoid 25lb pool noodle longswords if I could. :) Even if it is a two hander or staff that will work - though I have a strong preference for a 1 hander. As all savage raced scholars should - I can use all weapons. :D

Thank you so much to anyone that is able to loan me a weapon. Off to go pack for a roller coaster of a trip!

Brent Woodward
I have a PVC Long sowrd for sure you can use. the grip is a little fat and wrapped in a kinda rough rope. you can see what you think but I will ear mark it for you.
I have a spare long sword, staff, and polearm and I'll be making a new two handed blunt soon, all ultralight. I have have a club that's super top heavy and climbsy but the head is a lions head and it looks sweet as heck.
I'll probably have at least one extra weapon too. As a proper savage race templar, I can also use all weapons. :)
Thank you all for your generosity and quick response! I believe that Alexander has be covered. He messaged me right away! If anyone has spare room for a shield or sword JUST in case I wont be upset...but I think Adam and Alexander will have me set! :)

Super excited for the trip!
Azeban is dragging an arsenal of two-handed hurty things* with him, so in a pinch if you're on the same battlefield as me you're welcome to share their use.

*As a poncy biata, he hasn't properly trained in all weapons yet.
I will bring my letex short sword as long as you keep your temper and treat it nicely