Beta Packet 2.1 Date Adjustment


Alliance General Manager
Alliance Rules
Atlanta Staff
Summary: Currently the close of the Beta period of 2.1 testing is scheduled for the beginning of August. This will ammend that date to instead be the beginning of December. At the close of the Beta period ARC is directed to submit a final 2.1 package to be voted on by the owners and this date will affect when that happens as well.

Vote: [Rules] (Special)Push the close of Beta back to December 2022 [FAIL]
The following chapters voted for this policy: Raleigh, Wisconsin, Gettysburg, Wyoming, Denver, Las Vegas, Roanoake
The following chapters voted against this policy: Crossroads, NEPA, Chicago, Atlanta, New Hampshire

Synopsis of conversations: The conversations around moving this date back started with the changes to dates of one of the chapters who was going to now not have a full two day event to test the package at during the beta period. The for arguments were to add more time to the beta period to give as many people as possible an opportunity to participate in a full weekend event and to give the chapters who have their first full weekend game scheduled after the close of beta an opportunity to test across a two day live event, while the counter arguments were that we should minimize the affect on the players who don't want to participate in the playtest, and to maintain the dates we mostly all agreed upon at symposium when the timeline was set.