Betrayer of Hydara, your attention is needed.

Lanna Rose

Betrayer of Hydara,
Formally known as Brander,

I need to know if, with your new status in Hydara, you will continue to be a member of this guild. Please let me know as soon as you are able so that I can make the necessary adjustments.

I would appreciate it if you answered here so that the entire guild can be aware of your plans.

Thank you.

Sapharia Barran'i
Why would you want some one who is labeled as a "Betrayer" in your guild?

I have just received a promotion with in the guild and will be working on a more worldly position with in the guild. I will no longer be limited to the local guild rank. So you can remove me from the ranks of the local guild.

Gilwing you make me smile. The Betrayer is a word granted to me by an enemy and does not necessarily mean who or what I am. I mean with all the stories and tales that go around about you and yours I am sure you can understand this.

Redcloud I would be more than willing to sit down and explain to you what happened this past gather with my ascension. We can talk at the next gather or we can do it over dreams. If you are willing we can even do it in person over the winter. Let me know.

The Betrayer of Hydera
Eah, I hear ya
Betrayer of Hydera,

Thank you for your answer. I wish you the best in your new ventures.

Sapharia Barran'i