BGA Rules for Covid


Hello everyone, we as a plot team got together and banged our heads a few times until we could come up with a good compromise to be inclusive to players who are currently within our community as well as those who intend on joining our community in the future. However we also wanted to make sure that we did not open up to the whole of nationals at large since it would potentially be too much of a burden for our small team to bear and could result in lessened responsiveness and depth than we wanted to include for these substitutions for our events. These rules are currently only applicable during the Covid substitution events for the Rumerian Campaign, however the plot teams will work together in the future in order to put together a cohesive list of rules for ongoing events in the future.

We ask that you only submit a BGA or participate in the discord based roleplay during this period if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Have previously attended an event in the Rumerian campaign in person.
  • Have travel plans already arranged or are very likely to attend an event in Rumeria within the next year.
  • Have reached out to one of the plot members on the team and received permission to participate.
  • You have not submitted any other BGAs in this or other chapters during this time period.

The plot updates will be coming out every third week on the forums, we will announce them on the Discord as well. The deadline for each BGA submission will be listed within the plot update.

During this BGA period presently we ask that you only submit with a single character, we hope to be able to open this up to minor actions with alts in the future, however with present resources we are limiting this for the moment.

The channels in the discord for this roleplay are considered in game locations, please contain your character only to locations that they normally would/can enter. We have rules laid out within an rp-rules discord channel, please read them before proceeding into the channels.

While we know that these are rather strict at the moment please try to bear with us while our plot team works through these difficult times, many of our members are essential employees who have had even more burden placed on them in their real/daily lives and cannot commit extra time towards working on plot at the moment.

This all said, we are very excited to get to interact with you in what will hopefully be some deep and exciting world content and growth as a community!

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Discord Invite link:
Hey guys sorry for how late this came out we kind of dropped the ball here, but this was supposed to go out months ago. Also to that note the plot team has taken a hiatus for personal reasons, but we are also taking the time to continue our world building, so that some of the answers on our lore can be answered. Thank you all for your support. We hope we can give you all a very enjoyable experience. Until we have our schedule figured out around the Covid epidemic, we will remain on storytelling hiatus but will resume once the schedule is figured out.

Our poll showed that many players are enjoying the content the plot team has been putting out. Plot would like to request/encourage players to discuss these updates in some of the public channels (in or out of game even). Plot's been putting a lot of effort and resources into these, and publicly we haven't seen much engagement, and plot would really like to encourage more engagement as we continue to put these out to keep plots energy up. Remember, plot experiences the game through our players reactions, and it's hard for the team to stay engaged and interested while we are all unable to see each other, when we can't see peoples reactions to the continuing story.