Biata - Why real feathers?


Just received my biata racial package, and it states the eyebrows must be made using real feathers. Why is it that real feathers must be used and not convincing synthetics?

This has me worried for 3 reasons, one is a health reason and one is a 'social consciousness' issue, and one is on a costuming/accessability level.

#1) I suspect that real feathers are subject to faster biodegredation - and are likely to become diseased as they are dying. I'm leery about putting something like that near my eyes. (If someone can show me articles that this is not the case please do so! I know native americans have been using feathers in art & costuming for years, so there's bound to be something!)
#2) Real feathers obviously come from real birds. If bought at a retail outlet - these feathers are likely harvested in inhumane ways. The only reasonable place to find them would then be from people who have scavanged them from feathers that have fallen off naturally in the wild, but those are more susceptible to #1.
#3) Due to the natural oils on feathers, I'd imagine they'd be pretty hard to colour. It seems to me that most feathers in the exotic colours needed for biata are available as synthetic feathers. Also real feathers that fall off naturally tend to be too big for putting on eyes - you'd want feathers from smaller birds (that don't fall off as often) or more of a downy type feather that doesn't usually fall off at all.

I strongly reccomend that the restriction to real feathers be removed. I'm hoping that the intent here was 'phyiscal' feathers (synthetic or natural) rather than 'painted on' feathers.

Robb G

I think you're reading into the book a little too verbally. I am sure the term "real feathers" means... "physical feathers" as opposed to make up (like painting on feathers). i don't really know many folks who use "Real feathers" from real birds, but that's just me. you just go get whatever color your biata character needs from a fabric store and spirit gum those to your head or however you want to adhere them. good to go.
Robb's correct, the distinction in the rulebook is defining "real feathers" vs. makeup, not feathers from a bird vs real looking synthetics.



Thanks, that's what I was hoping (mentioned that possibility in my last paragraph)

That said, if someone were asking for real flowers - you wouldn't presume that a plastic flower is acceptable. I don't see 'real' in this context being any different.

I think you're reading into the book a little too verbally.
Isn't everything read verbally? Can't have reading without words.. well barring pictographs (and I don't read aloud which is the other meaning of that word). I'm going to presume you meant 'literally'.

I AM a literal reader - that's just how I process information. I usually have above-average reading comprehension but when the words chosen aren't the right words it throws me sometimes (like this!)

Thanks for clarifying!


Agreed. And I work in the engineering field.