Big Horns And Combat


I don't know that a marshal will tell you that it's unsafe and ban it, but I use the itty-bittiest horns that Pan's Devil Horns makes, and getting hit on those the right way hurts like hell. (Race changed character, so her horns will take time to grow in.)

Horns that big, unless made of a fairly flexible foam, are probably going to end up broken in combat. They're probably better suited to cosplay or ren faires.


You can make/wear whatever horns you're comfortable with that your plot team will let you...

But I'd go with ... rns/#step1

If you use the crayola air dry foam clay, and make sure to paint and seal with acrylic, they'll stand up to weather just fine. They still might break in combat from an errant head shot if you make them big. I make smaller horns with them and they're super light and hold up just fine.


We have some npcs that have the top type of horns in SoMi. The top ones look like they'd be unsafe, they aren't. They're mostly hollow. They're more likely to just get broken then hurt anyone. So you've got to weigh that in. If you built them into a hat or something, I think that'd be your best bet in regards to keeping them on your head. They're big and unwieldy.


Thanks guys! I'll be trying to think of some creative strengthening alternatives :)


I've got another link I can toss you when I get home for foam horns too.