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    Hello everyone! I'm providing information regarding Millersylvania State Park ELC, for those who either have never visited us or may not have done so in a long, long time! If there are any questions regarding our site, please feel free to inquire and I'll be happy to address your question (and possibly edit this post, if necessary).


    12245 Tilley Rd S, Olympia, WA 98512

    Upon arriving at Millersylvania State Park, follow the signs towards the ELC. This should take you to a dock area, with a road on the right of the dock. This road leads to the ELC.

    Cabins: Each of our cabins are electrically heated, with lights and power outlets, with eight bunks (with a single exception of our Logistics cabin, which only has six bunks). We do have cabins that are close to the tavern area which is generally reserved for those with medical needs, though we do open them up if circumstances require. We do have a Cabin List Manager who coordinates with Logistics to set up a spreadsheet that details the cabin list for the game, which will be released ahead of game so that people know where they're staying. As a result, information regarding who you'd like to stay with should be detailed in your pre-registration, so that we can keep you all together. Please note that individuals will not be added to the list until they've pre-registered.

    If you have medical needs and need to be closer to the tavern area, please let us know so that we can accommodate you, once you've pre-registered.

    Cabin decoration: Under no circumstances is tape or tacks to be used on the cabins, with the sole exception of painter's tape. Each of the renovated cabins has a corkboard on the outside that you're allowed to tack things to (such as a W for a Ward or Wizard Lock). Most of our cabins are renovated and have eye hooks on the ceiling; we are permitted to use ropes through the eye hooks to hang decorations such as tapestries. Please do not otherwise mark the cabins, such as with chalk.

    Tents: For those who'd prefer to stay in tents or if we exceed cabin maximums and some people volunteer to use tents, our site does support tents in specific locations. We can assist you with finding a place for your tent at site.

    Kitchen and Meal Plan: We do have a large commercial kitchen, walk-in fridge, and a good-sized freezer. However, please note that the cooking area will be off-limits except to Kitchen Staff. Fridge and freezer space will definitely be available, of course. We do have a microwave that will be available to you, as well. As with the previous Big West event, our meal plan will be factored into the cost of the event fee.

    *Edit: Our site allows propane stoves, unless there’s a serious change to the burn ban status. I don’t expect this will occur, but if it does, we will definitely update this post and announce it accordingly.

    Stores: Fairly close to the site (10 minute drive, I believe), is a superstore called Fred Meyer's (and a glorious inside the FM, outside, too...because we love our coffee, dangit). It’s basically like a Target. It's fairly common for us to stop by there on the way to site for stuff we'd need on site, or randomly run there because we were silly and forgot to bring bottled water for our cabins. This has definitely never happened to me before, ever.

    Let me know if you have any questions, I'll address them as quickly as I can!
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    Edited to include use of propane stoves.
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    As a note for those that haven't been to Millers, the road that takes to the ELC (by the docks) looks like you're going to nowhere. But it really will take you there.
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    I don't remember the specific exit, but there's also an ACE hardware like one exit north of the main exit for the site.
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    Exit 99 onto WA-121 S, 93rd Ave.

    (I just mapped it, because tech is great.)
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