Big Western Visitors Assistance Program


Seattle Staff
Hey guys! Though BW is still a few months away, people are planning flights and other forms of travel to our area in order to participate.

If you would like to volunteer to assist, please notify me. Here’s the compensation for helping represent our welcoming and amazing community:

Shuttling to/from airport (or other travel hub) - 90 GS per passenger each way.

Sleeping arrangements before/after event (max of two days): 120 per person housed

Loaned Gear: 50 GS per Marshal-cleared Weapon/Shield. Armor will be compensated at a rate of 3x armor value (not factoring MC or In-Genre). Example: A plate breastplate covering chest and stomach would be worth 16 Armor, so it would get you 48 GS.

If other needs come up that aren’t covered by this, I’ll get a compensation amount for it.

I would like to get volunteers ahead of time for shuttling/homing. Please let me know if you’re willing to pick people up/drop people off/home people, and the amount you can help with. First offers to assist will get dibs when need arises.

Thank you!


Seattle Staff
Will there be cowboys?!

In all seriousness - Kristin and I are more than happy to house folks before and after the event!