Blackmoon Sentinel Promotions


Alliance Rules
Chicago Staff
Blackmoon Sentinels of Atupal,

It's high time some of your see the fruits of your labor rewarded. Many of you have worked hard for the Blackmoon and for that, you aught to be promoted. I'll be dropping by Atupal for lunch on the first day of April. I'll listen to your stories of triumph, view your trophies, and test your might, and if you show promise, you'll be promoted. I'll only be promoting to Silver Sentinels this time, but expect more visits in the future.

-Lord Dorian Goldvine


Chicago Staff
I too have interest in these travelers and have encountered a few over the Winter. I would love to also see these upcoming Sentinels in action in these “test”.

Lady Luffia Whisperwind
Moridium Sentinel
Lady of Winter’s Rest