Blue Dragon


My Dearest Friends and Adventurers,

It is my plan to stage an attack against the Blue Dragon Army first thing this coming market. This of course promises to be no easy task. We have fought our way in before and now is the time for action.

These dragons are not only a threat for Roefield but for everyone who resides in Eloria. The longer we allow them to sit, the more power they are allowed to get. The army resides in a cave. If we get them at night, they will not be expecting us and we can corner them.

It is my hope that the town can organize for this. We are a worthy and strong force. We will fight. We will keep a line. We will work under one voice. And we will not be conquered.

Fair Winds,
Duchess Saro of the Crimson Port
Heart of the Moonless Night
Paragon of Justice
Is there some advantage we have or weakness we've discovered. I'm wondering why now is the time to attack and why I shouldn't just hide in my forge.

It’s not there is any particular advantage we have discovered. It’s that this dragon problem is going to be dealt with now before it becomes a bigger issue. I don’t want them to accumulate power to the point where we are dealing with 4 bleaks.

Blue is what we’re dealing with first simply Bc it’s the one we have most experience with.

Fair Winds,
Then what do we know about this dragon. Does it prefer a particular element. Will we have to Wade threw an army to get to it. Basically what is the plan so we can prepare.
There has been a change in plans. Please refer to the Tavern (the discord) for additional information