Bring your own Drinking Vessel

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  1. DracoIam

    DracoIam Scout

    Please bring your own Drinking Vessel.

    It cuts down on waste and makes our game look better. Your own Vessel helps combat dehydration. Please avoid plastic bottles in the tavern area.

    Dish washing station will be set up for you do wash your own drinking vessel.

    Your own drinking vessel can be a friend and filled with many liquid things.

    Please bring your own drinking vessel.

    Thank you.
  2. DracoIam

    DracoIam Scout

  3. DracoIam

    DracoIam Scout

  4. VirulentAura

    VirulentAura Newbie

    Do you have any suggestions for inexpensive period drink containers?
  5. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Marshal

    Ceramics from Thrift stores are around a dollar; or any metal cup
  6. VirulentAura

    VirulentAura Newbie

    So... A generic, plain coffee mug would be acceptable?
  7. Arbeld

    Arbeld Newbie

    Yep! I used a plain, brown coffee mug at the last event, it worked just fine!
  8. Dragonblade

    Dragonblade Scholar

    there are some travel mugs that look like old style drinking mugs.

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