Broken shards campaign

Good day, I am attending my first ever larp event on oct 11-13. I'm told you can buy goblin stamps to purchase missed events xp. Who would I contact about that? Thanks in advance


Seattle Staff

Krystina F

Hi Justin,

I believe this was answered in the email I had previously sent you on Friday morning. If my answer was unclear, please let me know.

Krystina F

Per our logistics team, you get 5 gobbies (goblins stamps) per $1 you donate. You need 30 gobbies to buy back a logistics period (1 day of a game), so it breaks down to $6 per logistics period or monthly blanket. Each game has 2 logistics periods. In essence, $12 per game you want to buy back, but the Broken Shards campaign does has a level cap.

So to keep in line with the rest of the players you would only be allowed to buy 4 monthly blankets or 2 games (4 logistics periods) aka $24.