Bugs and You - How to Not Kill a Friend


Chicago Staff
Good day to everyone!

With us finally in the spring/summer time frame, the bugs are finally out in force again. With that said, this is just the gentle reminder that I am allergic to DEET. Yes DEET, the wonderful man made product that is in most bug sprays.

If you use DEET, please spray it outside and away from all building doors. Also please do not spray it in my presence. It can kill me :p
I will be bringing extras of my bug spray and will happily share with people. I appreciate everyone's consideration with this. Below is listed 2 good brands of DEET free bug spray.

Natrapel (made with Picaridin) and Coleman's Inspect Repellent Skinsmart DEET Free

Thank you much all!

~Jared / Glenn Stormwolf