Build an aegis against the creatures of the dark


People of Dragonreach,
You may not know me, but I continue to stand as a defender against the tides of threats that attempt to destroy our way of life. The battles to protect you have been spreading further and further, and it is time for us all to stand together to protect each other.
The skills of the defender can protect your friends and family when others can't, giving you a chance to get them all to a waystone to get to safety. It is time that any who would learn them to do so.
The training will not be quick, nor will it be easy, but you will be able to stand against blows from mighty creatures, and turn away blades meant for your friends.
To my people, the Selunari, we have been too reliant on mercenaries to protect our caravans and families for too long, relying on magic to protect our own. I would ask any able selunari to come learn from me the way of the defender. Together, no caravan will go missing, no family split or lost, no bodies left behind.
We will stand as an Aegis against the creatures of the dark. Come to Valbridge, learn and protect each other.
Find me setting up camp near the waystone near Bregsmourn.
Ardos Irani
Selunari defender
My dearest cousin Ardos,

I may not be a Defender, but I and my Ghost Ravens are all skilled Warriors. I shall join you with a small compliment of my family near Bergsmourn to teach those who wish to fight but as yet are not ready to learn to be a Defender. I will bring one of my mystics as well to teach those Selunari who are lost the ways of our people. I look forward to seeing you there cousin and may you travel safe.

Leader of the Ghost Ravens

I will leave for Valbridge at once. I will assist you in training. Long ago in Tyrra I asked a wyrm to make me a symbol of hope. A symbol that the people could rally behind. I have not been the symbol the people need. I have been idle and complicit with the evil in these lands.

Phoenix Wildfire