Build Day September 17th


We are holding out Character Build day and Weapon build day this Saturday, Sept 17th at 12:30pm.

We encourage all players to come out and learn to build a weapon and more importantly, build your character!

Where: Myth Games #4 3434 34th AVE NE Calgary
When: 12:30pm until ??? (we will go as late as required)
What to bring with you:Elastic cloth band material (2" wide) Black, Brown, or White please.
Duct Tape: (Silver, Red, Black, White, Brown) (Gorilla Tape, black)
Pipe Foam Insulation 5/8" thick (1/2" inner diameter preferred) this stuff can be found at ACE Hardware stores still, you can order it by the case too)
Open Cell Foam (2" or 2.5" thickness) [1' x 1' segments or bigger]
this can be bought at fabric stores or we buy it from mattress companies like Lemoyne Sleeper.
Contact/Rubber/Barge Cement (bottles or tubes is appreciated)
Bolts of Cloth (Cotton or Linen is preferred) a few yards of most solid colors is good. [Red, Blue, White, Black, Blue, Green, Brown]are preferred, [Yellow, Orange] are in lower demand.
Rubber bands (in boxes or bags of 500 or more) please do not bring in a few rubberbands and expect gobbies.
Bags of Bird Seed (no sunflower seeds or corn cob, or cracked corn)
28 rolls of Duct tape of various colors has been donated.