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    Can a new Chapter, for the purposes of incentivizing new character participation create a rule that proportionally reduces an older characters build when attending events there?

    (For example "They can visit, for example Teira is a 200 build character when she comes from Ceriopolis to Malidor's Outpost and the land's magic dampen her strength and she can use 100 of her build")

    Salt Lake's chapter is opening up this autumn, and knowing how this works is important to would be players.

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    For all who want to know:

    Alliance Bylaws states that only players who are "homed" in chapter x are allowed to play under chapter x's build cap by dumbing down their card.
    Example player Y is at max cap in Denver but enjoys traveling to the west coast games, earning g xp over the cap of player Y's home chapter. Player y is allowed to dumb down to play within their home chapter, however their friends over this cap cannot be allowed to dumb down to visit the Denver game.

    Denver has a unique in-game mechanic that allows players to visit but there is a significant in game extraplanar threat that requires the player to let the plot team know if they do something above the ability of the locals. They are told to blend in by powerful forces upon their travelers mod. It is our hope that Utah will develop a similar in game mechanic to allow for travelers to enjoy a new game.

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    So you can bring higher level characters there, but they have to pretend to be lower level? That sounds like and awesome fix.
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    This policy has been really well received in Colorado/Acarthia. I think that it will be a great policy to continue in Utah when they open. Keeping it IG works well, makes sure that friends can travel across the country yet still not ruin the fun for the low level local players. As long as we keep not being jerks/bullies to newer players/chapters, I strongly support this policy!


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