Building a New Place


Hi, Um.
So we got this hammer the other day, and Lady Bunchberry wanted me to hold onto it.
And I've been staring at it like all day. It's kinda cool and hums with magic.

This hammer is enchanted with a March of the Untiring, but only if the people in the ritual are building a tavern/inn, which I think is really, really specific, but that's ok, because we are gonna need one where we are going, I think.

But then the hammer can be refilled with another March of the Untiring with Creation magic with the same or another target cast into it.

So, that got me thinking, um, what else are we gonna need to bring with for this new area? Are we gonna need to start stock pilling food, or potions, or weapons, or bedrolls, or drinking water, are we gonna need to build more then one tavern/inn?

Should we start a list, does someone have a list, who wants to make a list?

There are still a lot we don't know about this ritual and what is going to happen to those who go through the Portal. I think Mr. Illkari will have to answer some questions, at least I think he should.
K, Bye



Chicago Staff
So, I don't have food, or water, or other beverages, or potions, or scrolls, but I have shiny coins, hopefully that's needed. I'm so used to just taking leftovers but if we're going to a wild new place I doubt there will be any to take. Wait, do we have to hunt our own food, like run around, and shoot things?

Can I just throw a doom at an animal, or does that make it taste bad?

I'm so glad I'm going with others and not alone; though I understand if Iranda is good scared to come.

- Maiev Cromwell


Chicago Staff
Where can we find some of dat Creation Magic, eh? If we can use dis 'ere hammer to erect a whole buildin', why not we put some grease and and spit behind it - and get together a wee village! I do notice dat all da lowborn houses have low-flyin' ceilings, mayhap 8 or 9 feet which be far too short, in my reckonin'. If we get a mess o'magic and Scrolls together, we could build a proper burg with lofty peaks.

Plus, I do say, we could trade 'ouses to local farmers for more goods and supplies den you could shake a wing at. Oh! Mayhap, we find ourseves a duke who do have more coin den sense and just make 'im a keep! I do bet he'd be more den willin' to outfit our excursion into da great beyond for a quick-as-ya-please castle.

Ratite Hudsonsia Zenorum da one and only
Livery and Valet to House Aviary


Chicago Staff
For our basic initial settlement here are my thoughts that I'd be curious others feedback as well as their own ideas.

1) Tavern / Inn
/ food Stores & health
/ water stores
/ food preparation, serving, dining
/ grand opening & naming party

2) Accommodations & Barracks
/ Bastion is committing a fair bit of people and communal building is easier on supplies as it is defending it/them.
/ storage for supplies, weapons, armor
/ extra weapons & Armor never turned away

- the rest in no particular order, but numbered for convince -

3) Makeshift Shelter for building Supplies.
/ can be as simple as creative applications of tarps. Ultimately we will need some place to put all the materials we bring over, and we will want to keep them dry and free from other assundry issues

4) Makeshift shelter for livestock.
/ I can't possibly be the only one of the adventuring community considering livestock and the sheer size of the expedition tells me that Bastion is for sure planning on it. Until my, or another barn or similar Permanent structure is available they will need something to keep from the elements, environment, and local preditory animals

5) defensive items
/ fences, X barriers, look out points etc. Being in a new unknown world completely exposed to the elements and nature - something as simple as a hungry pack of wolves could force resurections while we sleep, or worse, the death or ruin of livestock & dry goods. Celestial Wards will be invaluable but are no substitute for adequately defensible position.

6) community information
/ this could be something inside or outside the Tavern, but we will need a centralized location to report back on what people find as they explore. Anything past 200 yards in any direction is an unknown and we likely will spend a good deal of time finding out the basics of our immediate surroundings.

7) some form of leadership or accountability in a given situation.
/ probably doesnt need a building but eventually will.
Many of Bastion's citizens will be accustomed to having whatever resource was available to them... which will now be gone. We will have adventurers from all around and some from Bastion as well with various thoughts. Even if we the adventurers are able to resolve our own concerns or disputes amicably, limited supplies, foreign land, strange noises at night, exhaustion and stress - the "regular" citizenry volunteered, but they will have limits likely shorter than our own. Violence, destruction and theft could mean the difference of a lot of things when weighed against our limited resources. Such things will for sure eventually transpire among the expedition.
/ my own personal thoughts is that until you reach a "city" level, refined institutions are rarely needed. Often it relies on situation and resource identification. What is going on, who among you has a large experience or knowledge, ask that person... then ask others in the same knowledge base as their personal experience will often provide an agreeable or variable opinion - choose what seems will work best. A "monarch" style leadership frequently adds un nessecary and often redundant steps to a situation when ultimately the result is doing what the subject expert suggested 2 hours or 2 days ago. However once you reach a "city" level or higher a "overseer" who is able to observe and balance multiple moving parts which ordinarily are unaware of one another is frequently needed. But for our purposes it could be as simple as a dedicated Sheriff or City Planner for likely a year, or three.

I've rambled enough, thoughts on these ideas and hopefully these ideas have sparked others to have more...