Building of the Hammer


Chicago Staff
Good morn to all!

After spending a little more time reviewing the properties of the bar of unknown metal we found, I can safely state that it takes a Grand Master's worth of Blacksmithing (20 levels) to craft the adventuring populous a second hammer that will hold the magicks necessary to expediently build a building.

I know a few of you have already requested to assist in this matter, therefore I will have a list included below. If your name is not on this list and you wish to offer your knowledge and strength into crafting this item, please place your name here and I will add you to the list.


~Glenn Stormwolf
Guardian of the First Tree

Shen [he/him]

Chicago Staff
I will bring Lemonaid, forsee the weather napkins, and a positive attitude cheering squad. My magic paper fill a use somewhere..."/sigh in master Scribe".
But admiring the work of blacksmiths in motion can fill an entire afternoon so, I'm here for it.


Glenn Stormwolf,

I may be flying in a little late on the conversation but I have some questions before I can grant the strength of my arm to this task. Is it the combined knowledge of years of study that is needed or the amount of free crafting for that day that is needed? What day are we looking to craft this on? Are crafting this hammer on the other side of the portal? That seems ill-advised. Also, I have a rather convenient forge, what impact if any can this provide in this task? For your ease of reply, as some are not accustomed to our naming convention, you can call me Fexin or The Falconer.

Knots Filomena Fabian Fenix of New Zenith the 12th