Buying first weapon

Hi there!

I recently moved across the country and had to leave my old chapter behind. Lucky for me you guys are close enough that I can still play! That being said, I had some questions regarding your safety regulations for LARP weapons. In my old chapter I just used boffers lent out by the plot team, but now I want to get a nice-looking foam weapon of my own for my character to match his style. So my question is: What you y'alls regulations on foam weapons/do you recommend any particular brands or sellers that sell foam weapons that you know meet your own standards?

My biggest fear is dropping a chunk of change on a nice-looking blade, only to be told that it does not meet safety requirements and I can't use it (Which has happened to me once before). If you could give me any recommendations or good things to look out for when buying a weapon that meets this chapter's safety standards, I would greatly appreciate it!