Calanhelm Home Guard, HQ

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Dramm a'dan

Corporal Greenmore scans the last of the reports and sorts them into piles. Then stacking the piles nice and neat he walks over to the inner office door and knocks, waiting a three count he opens the door, “Commander, I have the morning reports ready for your briefing sir.”

Across the sparsely furnished office, the Commander is leaning against the window frame reading yet another piece of paper. Looking over, “Yes Corporal.” He takes a seat at his desk.

Greenmore approaches and stands at easy in front of the Commander, “Presently there is still general unease among the population over the King’s disappearance. A few of the foreign Races are returning to their home regions to report I am sure, but to also avoid any unrest over the winter season.”

“That will help, less manpower needed to watch over their security, but it’s the unseen ones that are going to require our attention.” Lucien starts calculating assignments in his head.

“Yes sir. I should also point out, prices in the marketplace have jumped up considerably. With the unease, folks are starting to stockpile food stocks, armor and weapons. A side note, the hobbling Artie of the Silken Alliance was seen in the marketplace.”

“Humph. He’s been in the city for some time. Right now he is of no concern. I’ll approach Az’Cain about maybe raising the merchant taxes if pricing in the market get out of control. I have no problem with them making money. It’s when they start squeezing it out of the people, than I have issue.”

“There’s still fear and anger over the murder of the little girl, still no new leads.”

“We get anything from that Saar we brought in for questioning?”

“Nothing yet sir. He still claims he’s innocent, just passing through the city on his way to Kelch-mor.”

“Hmm, it is out of character for one of the Saar race to murder a child. Give him another round of questioning, if he still doesn’t give up anything, have him escorted to the city gates and wish him on his way.”
“We still have that dwarf in the cells sir.”

“Yes, I’ve checked with several people, I’m surprised Az’Cain has left the man attached to a cursed item for so long. Release him, he did die attacking that cursed vampire. And the Biata that was bite by this vampire? Any word from the Earth Weavers about her condition?”

“Nothing yet sir, I’ll send a runner to check in on that.” The Corporal checks his reports and makes a note.

“Also have the runner check with the library there, I need information on vampires, since Parson’s Breach is now under my derestriction, and this Count is now my problem. I want all the information I can get on it.”

“Yes sir.” Adding another note. “About the new Duchy under your watch, any orders?”

Rubbing his forehead and letting out a heavy sigh, “I’m working with some of the Captains, we’ll be presenting the new structuring and standing orders to Az’Cain soon. As well, apparently the King has said that all Militiamen are to receive 3cp pay now. So see that enough coin is drawn from the treasury for next month’s pay. Is there anything else Corporal?”

“Nothing important sir, just the usual petty crimes, tavern fights and disputes. It’s all on the ledger for you to read,” Corporal Greenmore places a small stack of reports on the Commander’s desk.
“Very well, dismissed Corporal.”

Giving the Commander a crisp salute, the Corporal exits the office, closing the door behind him.
A runner approaches the Headquarters. Entering the building and up the stairs, he stops at the entrance to the Commander's office and knocks, "Excuse me Corporal, a message from the Arch Mage for the Commander."

Looking up from his reports, Corporal Greenmore nods his head, stands and knocks on the door to the next office. Opening it he states, "a messenger from the Arch Mage sir." and he stands back.

"Very well, let him in."

Entering the office the messenger states, "The Arch Mage requests troops to help clear out the sewers sir. The Sanctum and the Weavers are providing casters and require a troop escort."

"About bloody time," the Commander growls as he stands "Thank you, you're dismissed. Corporal, call a general Muster, have all unit assembled in 1 hours time at the barracks square. I'll head down there and start planning with the officers." Grabbing his sword belt and cloak he heads out the door.

"Right away sir." The Corporal heads down to the squad room to dispatch the runners.
Quynn heads to the Home Guard Headquarters where she figures the Commander is most likely to be at this time of day. Approaching the young corporals desk in the front office she smiles at him and says "Good day Corporal Greenmore. Would Commander Dunnbow be in and have a few minutes to see me?"
"Yes he is," the corporal replies, standing and giving a slight bow. "Please go on in," gusturing to the open door.
Walking into the Home Guard Headquarters, Third looks around briefly before approaching the desk. "May I speak to the Commander? My name is Third. He may be expecting me."
Walking through the open door, Quynn smiles at Commander Dunnbow as she says "Good Day Commander! How are you? You have been quite busy recently, what with the cleaning out of the sewers and with those trials, I understand. It is another full moon this evening, do we have a suitable room prepared and has young Third checked in with you yet?" Master Quynn takes a seat in the chair in front of the Commander's desk.
"Aye yes, Master Quynn, I believe he just walked in behind you. Come in Third, close the door behind you please."
Stepping inside, Third closes the door behind himself.
"Good Day young man" Quynn says from her seat.
After a few minutes the Commander's door opens, "If you'll please follow me," as he leads the way out of the office. "I'll be back tomorrow Corporal, have Cpt. Baumle meet us downstairs if you would."

Coming to attention, "Yes Commander."

Leading Quynn and Third down to the stairs to the main floor and to a back hallway. Knocking on a door he waits, a panel on the door opens, seeing who it is, the panel closes and the sound of bars and bolts unlocking can be heard. The thick heavy door opens and the three people step through. The door closes behind them followed by the sounds of it being bared and locked.

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