Calanhelm, Home Guard, HQ

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Upon entering the offices of the Home Guard, Malithon pauses at the door to await the guards notice.

Upon acknowledgement,"I'm here to see Colonel Dunbow, if he has time or is available. Or whom so ever may be in charge of the latest supply mission to Parson's Breach."

She looks upon the guard behind the desk with calm, piercing, directness, never wavering or twitching but still a subtle impatience is felt.
"Yes, the Colonel said there would be a research group going out to study the rose issue. I believe he's sent out patrolmen to locate you and let you know that the supplies are ready to go and all they're waiting on is you and your assistant. The departing portal is at the Arcane Sanctum"
"Interesting. I do believe I just came from there. Very well I will return there forewith."
She turns with cool grace & exits.

(Detour to Ogre's Head Tavern)
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