Calgary Players sound off!


For those Calgary Chapter players that pop onto the boards, can you please post below to let us know you are here?

I am here!

(But you already knew that.)

Creative Director, Plot Committee, NPC, PC, Registration Monkey and probably more titles as we go along...I am here! :emo:
Sound off 1 2
Sound off 3 4
Break it on down
1 2 3 4
PS: if players can use their signature line to put at least their First name that would be awesome!
I'm here and accounted for! :thumbsup:
Just joined the community, and hope to meet you all. Klanganor Runecarver Orchunter son of ..........has five minutes passed yet? ;)
Brett signing in. Just ordered me a snazzy shirt. Hope it gets here in time for the Tavern night.
Here... but I was also there... at Tavern night... so I guess I am in both places. :)
Haha! I finally made it onto the forums! Yay me! :ninja:
Huzzah! I am here finally....sorry, was doing a little Gypsy wandering :p
Herald for the Magistrate Sounding off! Hopefully I can update my gear and costumes for the game by May :shades:
WAIT A MINUTE?!?!?!?!?!?

Mike....the merciless? Is that...right?