Calling Aid to all of High Earthen Magics

Hello and good day to you all!

During the Nexus Games this year, we have the fortune of getting a portal to Prademar to open on Thrusday. Travel to there has been difficult for non-Prademar adventurers so this a prime time for us to travel there.

If you have ever been to Prademar, you might have heard of the place called Spider Island. It was a place filled with corruption and death. A couple of months ago, we adventurers were able to clear the island of this corruption and rid it of the monstrous spiders living there. It is now just a barren piece of land. This is what I am hoping to change.

I have in my possession a scroll of Bountiful Harvest and Eternal Forest along with the catalyst to cast them. I am hoping to cast these two over the island so those the wish to live there can have a flourishing home and a bright future. However, I am young adventurer and still do not have a lot of study in ritual casting. In fact, these two rituals will be my first and I am quite nervous. That being said, I do not have the power myself to boost these rituals to cover the island. This why I need help. If you are able, I wish for anyone to join me in this so that we can cover it as much as we can. I would greatly appreciate any aid in this endeavor. Afterwards, we will have a party with some of the Sarr that have move to the island. I heard they make a great BBQ.

Thank you all and I hope to see you soon.