Camp Cleanup Policy 2024/2025 Season

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Atlanta Staff

Camp Clean Up​

Remaining in good standing with our site remains one of our highest priorities! To that end, Alliance Atlanta LARP implements a stringent cleaning policy. It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that the cabins are completely cleaned before leaving at the end of the event. (Cleaning the cabin also includes policing the area around it.) It is then the responsibility of the members of each cabin to have the Alliance Atlanta LARP Site Coordinator (Currently Anthony Mungo) inspect their cabin and sign off on it being completely clean before leaving the site. If the members leave and their cabin/area is left a mess, every community member that stayed in that cabin, will not receive character credit for the event (PC or NPC). If you must leave site early or in an emergency please check out with our logistics team, a player rep, or the Site Coordinator before leaving (names will be listed on Staff Page forthcoming).

Making sure that we are good guests and having the whole of our community participate in cleaning up after ourselves will strengthen the relationship we continue to enjoy with our site and allow us to use the camp again at all of our future dates.

Policy borrowed in part from Alliance Denver;
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