Camp Cutter Directions


San Francisco Staff
Directions to Camp Cutter

You can copy, and paste the following links into your browser for google maps, and semi-accurate travel times.

Most of the work on 35, and 9 is still in process, so while traffic can get through, there are going to be some delays. Please drive safely, and courteously, if there are cars behind you, pull over and use turn outs. Boulder creek is about 20-25 minutes away down the hill, and have places to eat, gas, and a grocery store that is pretty good. Town closes up early, so it's advised you do your shopping before hand, but if you need to make a run Saturday earlier is better.

The road conditions for Cutter are not great, but not terrible, if you drive too fast there are some “impressive” potholes, the road was fixed up very well a few years ago, but the last two years of torrential downpours have left their mark. Take it easy on the road, and pay attention, and you will be just fine.!2m2!1d-122.2432681!2d37.2180327!2m2!1d-122.2432681!2d37.2180327!2m2!1d-122.2432681!2d37.2180327