Can physical limitations be written into characters backstories?


Can physical limitations be written into characters backstories?

this is what I mean, I myself have a problem with one of my feet (long story ) - but it causes me to limp often.
I know in the world of alliance physical ills and hurts can be healed- but can a character have sustained an injury and have some lasting effects from it?
For example:

" (blank) was fleeing from the Undead, when he badly injured himself in a fall and sustained a broken foot. he was able to heal, but suffers from a limp to this day"

Is this at all realistic within the world of Alliance with all the magic? I just want to be able to explain my limping IN GAME? I hope this is making sense.
Thanks everyone!
Yes. Characters can suffer from long term injuries or results of illness. Battle magic heals unnatural injuries, but only if applied within a reasonable time span of the injury being received. It is perfectly possible to have lingering effects of an injury because it healed naturally. Similarly, I once played a NPC that was born with a club foot. That is something that can't be healed and plagued the NPC since the day he was born.

Finally, there is a note in the rules that magic can heal magical illnesses, but not natural illnesses (yep, you get the cold you are stuck with it). So, you can easily explain your limp as the result of a non-magical illness (polio, for example).



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I do this for my character he has to use his off hand (left hand) because his right hand is cursed. I have no OOG reason for this, I just do it for fun. But it has never been a problem.

So you should be fine. As long as you don't use a crazy story like I broke my foot killing the king of the fae and it can't be healed.

However I would recommend talking to your local plot team. You never know they may even work it into their plot.

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No I wasn't going to make up come crazy story about WHY my character limps. Lol
I was thinking more along the lines of my character did something stupid and hurt themselves, or got attacked by something bigger/stronger/with teeth xD

Thanks for all the advice everyone!

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The Rule Book talks about this a bit. (

From page 88:

Why need anyone ever suffer if there are healing spells? Well, the answer is that healing spells cannot do everything. If you are damaged (or dead) and you are then magically healed to your maximum (or resurrected), then you are returned to the state your body was in before the damage was taken. If you had a limp before you were healed, you still have a limp. If you were dying of old age, then you are still dying of old age. If you were pregnant, you are still pregnant. How to explain limps, handicaps, and scars? Healing spells (or resurrection) heals you up to the state you were in last before you took any recent damage. In other words, if your body healed normally after a battle (that is, without the aid of magic) and you ended up with scars, any future healing would not correct that old injury.


Thank you all for setting my mind at ease! I was worried about playing my character and gimping all around and NOT having a good in game response to it. But now I can simply put something in my backstory!