Casino Heist After Action Report Request


Let me be the first to say I'm not pointing any fingers here.

We somehow stumbled into one hell of a clusterfuck this last weekend, which is likely going to have political repercussions that I would like for us to try to get ahead of. Can't do that without a clear picture though, let alone trying to avoid another "tribunal" situation.

Thus, I have a series of questions. If you could answer any of them it would be wonderful.

I don't believe it was intentional but I kind of ended up outside of a lot of loops this weekend.

Could the people who came up with the idea for the heist run me through their train of thought and the reasoning that lead up to the heist? I am genuinely curious.

I am aware of Anima by the name and the fact that they are extradimensional, but I would like to know more.

I have been told that someone claiming to be Countess Sorcha was assumed to be host to our under the influence/control of the Greed Anima. Then at some point it was discovered that this person was fae, not elven as assumed. Is there a reason why no other authority was contacted ?

Various employees seemed to be Enslaved, up until the Greed Anima was killed. Are we sure the all the Enslavements were dropped? Do we have any idea what type of compulsions/Enslavement was used (Normal? Greater? Were mind alterations involved?)

What was the situation with the constructs- that-might-have-been-people?

Before you said anything about Greed Anima I would of put money down on it being all part of the Court of The Endless Waltz given your descriptions.

have you tried get in contact the waltz?
I have indeed, it was quite an experience.
From what I understand Anima are not fae, but different beasts entirely. They are living embodiments of strong emotions, hence why a Greed anima was able to take over a casino.
Could the people who came up with the idea for the heist run me through their train of thought and the reasoning that lead up to the heist? I am genuinely curious.
I may be incorrect, but I believe the idea and planning for the heist was spearheaded by Tizzy Tang. I know he provided me a strong outline of the 4 things we absolutely needed to be successful and stated parts were already in motion when I spoke with him Saturday Morning.

Tizzy Tang spoke to myself and others in the Mahogany Room about the four required steps late Friday night into Saturday morning. He was aware of the Anima at that point yet, not posessed. When we spoke after his recovery. He was quite specific that around dinner on Saturday he started to have blocks in his vision, and a clawing at his throat and nape of his neck.

My brother also spoke of Anima when asked. Before he went back home. Moon Father advised that Anima can raise up from emotions or even concepts.

Everything that was told to me about their nature involved them being an ancient foe. And they had not been seen in hundreds of years. I am uncertain as to the catalyst that caused this unique creature to have a resurgence. This will require additional research.

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Fae were almost certainly involved in the whole situation. A few of us fought a dragon (!!) in one of the challenge rooms, who told us he was bound to one of the courts by some kind of forever-deal (Shouldn't dragons be smarter than this?) and did their bidding. He only attacked us because he was forced to by his pact. That was Oskar- the same one who showed up in the vault when we fought the greed anima. If the fae weren't involved, I don't think they would have sent a game piece that big. We don't know what court- he wasn't allowed to tell us, by the pact.